National Guard sleeps on the floor of the Capitol before impeachment

The photo shows hundreds of National Guard resting on the floor of the US Capitol Visitor Center before going out to enhance the security of the complex.

Washington — The US Capitol hall was filled with additional security on Wednesday as the US House of Representatives was considering whether to impeach President Donald Trump again.

Just a week after Trump’s supporters raided the Capitol, hundreds of National Guards waited early Wednesday morning to strengthen the security of the complex within the Capitol Visitor Center.

Up to 15,000 security guards will be working in Washington, DC over the next few days to assist law enforcement in connection with Joe Biden’s inauguration in the January 20 presidential election.

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A photo posted on social media showed a National Guard member sleeping in the Capitol hall early Wednesday morning.

Last week’s Trump support rally turned into a violent siege and was considered a free speech event the day before, despite multiple warnings about possible violence from right-wing extremist groups. ..

Inspired by President Donald Trump and his repeated attempts to outlaw Biden’s victory, violent mobs march from the White House to the Houses of Parliament, where lawmakers prove Biden’s victory. Occupied the building for hours trying to stop it.

Five people, including police officers, were killed during the riot. Two explosive devices were also found, but they did not disappear.

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The District of Columbia National Guard states that it is empowered to arm troops assigned to security missions on the grounds of the US Capitol.

Security guards added a statement that authorities were requested by federal authorities and approved by Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy around 6 pm on Tuesday.

Authorities are concerned about the threat of violence following the riots in the Capitol last week.

Joe Biden’s inauguration for the presidential election will take place in the same riser at the same location in the US Capitol mob that went down last week in a week. However, Michael Platy, a special agent for the US Secret Service, who leads the inauguration security, said the two events are incomparable in terms of security.

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The launch has been designated as a “National Special Security Event”, paving the way for communication, funding and preparation among multiple Washington agencies, including the Houses of Parliament Police, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the District Police. ..

Other events such as the National Special Security Event are the State of the Union Address, the Super Bowl, the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.

Biden himself has not expressed concern about his own safety at the inauguration.

“I’m not afraid to take an oath outside,” he told reporters on Monday. “It is very important to have a serious focus on engaging in sedition, threatening life, tampering with public property and detaining those who have done great damage-they should be held accountable.”

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National Guard sleeps on the floor of the Capitol before impeachment

Source link National Guard sleeps on the floor of the Capitol before impeachment

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