NASA chooses SpaceX to build a new lunar module

On Friday, NASA awarded SpaceX a contract to build a new capsule for astronauts to land on the Moon. This is the latest in a series of month-related wins for a company managed by Elon Musk.

As early as 2024, SpaceX defeated two rivals in the Human Landing System Moon Taxi, which carries astronauts from orbital capsules to the surface of the moon. The deal is part of a large Artemis program led by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Develop deep space. The program relies more on private and commercial funding than previous efforts.

Landing vessel contracts have been added to the products SpaceX is developing, and recent funding rounds have been valued to pursue a combination of hundreds of new rockets, space taxis, and hundreds of satellites for military and commercial customers. Will be close to $ 100 billion.

SpaceX is already flying astronauts to and from the International Space Station on behalf of NASA, and is developing a large new rocket called the Super Heavy to launch the starship vehicle on which the Lunar Module will be based. I will. Starship made a series of test flights from Texas, some of which failed after an explosion on landing.

NASA plans to use a new Boeing rocket for the lunar landing known as Artemis 1 as early as November. He was flying around the moon before returning Orion’s crew capsules manufactured by Lockheed Martin to Earth.

NASA chooses SpaceX to build a new lunar module

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