Nancy Pelosi travels to Dallas to discuss prescription costs

Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured population.

DALLAS – U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Colin Allred hosted a roundtable in Dallas on Monday to discuss expanding Medicaid in the state and lowering Medicare drug prices.

Texas is one of dozens of states in the United States that do not expand Medicaid, and the state has both the highest number and the highest percentage of uninsured residents in the state.

Almost one in five Texans does not have insurance.

“If we expand Medicaid here, it will expand life-saving coverage to more than 1 million Texans, up to 1 million Texas residents,” Allred said.

The panel included North Texans who shared their personal stories of not being able to get insulin, a common example of trying to lower the price of a prescription drug, as the price can often run into the hundreds of dollars.

The COVID-19 pandemic was also discussed at the round table.

Heads of health clinics said that the funds received from the American Rescue Plan Act allowed them to expand their coverage, but part of the fact that the roundtable is now held on time is the outflow of these funds.

Dallas County Health Director Dr. Phil Huang said he was worried about how they would continue to fund vaccinations and then tests. He said Parkland spends $ 1.8 million a month treating uninsured COVID patients.

While there have been discussions in Congress to add more COVID funding, disagreements over what to allocate the money to and how to pay for it are holding things back.

The expansion of Medicaid was largely a Democrat-led effort, but former President Donald Trump moved to start negotiations on lower prescription drug prices, partly by linking drug costs to prices in Azerbaijan and campaigning for the so-called Most Favorite Nation model. other developed countries that are cheaper.

Pelosi blamed Republicans in Congress and drug companies for lobbying, claiming that he spent more on advertising than research.

“It’s a mission, because it’s on the kitchen table of every table in America,” Pelosi said. “As I walked around the country and listened to people who were the priorities of the American people, I saw old men crying.”

Allred and Pelosi touched on the rise in non-health gas prices and the conflict in Ukraine.

Allred called it “misinformation” to say that local production had been withdrawn. Pelosi noted that 6,000 unused drilling permits had already been issued, and said that higher prices were due to the Russian occupation.

Nancy Pelosi travels to Dallas to discuss prescription costs

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