Must-Have Apps For Photographers In 2021 – Editing, Recovery, And More

Photography has considerably evolved to modern smartphone cameras. These cameras now make it much easier to capture moments, especially with the most impressive apps. Whether you want to shoot with your mirrorless camera and intend to use your location for planning or even shoot and edit the photos right on your phone, the modern apps for photographers will get you going.

It is very demoralizing to lose your data, let alone digital photos that you depend on to revitalize today’s memories in the future. Thou should you panic, the Disk Drill, a Free and Easy to use Photo Recovery Tool, is here to give you a sigh of relief.

It is indeed the right step for a photographer to find and have installed the best app on your computer. For instance, some of the photo recovery software for Windows & macOS (free) will easily help you keep photos safe and even recover them in case of erratic deletion or loss. In this article, we look at one of the best photo recovery software available to photographers.

1.    Disk Drill By CleverFiles

This is a data recovery tool that enables you to salvage files even after they have been obliterated. All be it inadvertently or willingly. Disk Drill by cleverFiles has the capability of scanning your Mac to recover the lost data for you. It is a reliable and easy-to-use app. It does so much. We have discussed some of the features that make it a must-have app for photographers in 2021.

Extra Free Disk Tools

Disk Drill comes with many disk tools that you can use, such as Disk Health, Recovery Drive, Data Protection, and Data Backup. These tools keep your files better, organized, and protected, limiting any chance of losing them.

One-Click Scanning

The one-click approach to the data recovery feature makes Disk Drill for Mac so much more accessible than other data recovery apps for Mac.

It makes data recovery undemanding with a preview window that allows you to observe the file you’re trying to recover. With this tool, you can recover your data without a computer technician, saving you time and money.

Powerful Scanning

As a photo recovery software, this app comes with options such as Quick and Deep Scan that make it easier to find the photos you may have lost by deletion. When you instigate a Quick Scan, Disk Drill compares the content of your hard drive with its massive database of file headers, allowing it to deliver outstanding results in seconds. Deep Scan takes longer than the Quick scan, but it can search your entire Mac to help you recover lost data.

2.    SuperDuper – Backup Software

This is one of the essential mac applications that makes a recovery achievable in the simplest way because it makes creating a fully bootable backup painless. It comes along with a built-in scheduler enabling automatic backup. It’s a beautiful complement to Time Machine, which allows you to store a bootable backup alongside your Time Machine volume.


  • Back-Up Your Mac: SuperDuper allows you to back up your Mac and create a bootable volume alongside Time Machine.
  • Built-in Scheduler: This makes it easy for your Mac to back up automatically. This is versatile should you forget to back up your Mac.
  • Smart Wake: This is a feature that ensures that your backup happens even if your Mac is asleep so that if you’re not around, your computer will still back up. This feature is an essential integration in photo recovery apps making your photos secure at all times.

3.    Dar Sky

Photographers need versatile planning tools to manage all their photo shoot plans. Dark Sky helps in short-term planning with detailed graphs showing rain predictions, cloud cover, etc.

4.    PhotoPills

Astrophotographers commonly use this app. However, it is one of the best apps to have, even if you plan to spend your evenings chasing the Milky Way. The app offers calculators for estimating features such as the depth of field, exposure, focal length, and many more.

On the other hand, the app has a longer learning curve. It is much loaded with information, and photographers will require an excellent tutorial to take advantage of the available features.

5.    Pocket Light Meter

This app measures exposure, color temperature for white balance, among many other crucial features. The app is, however, only available to iOS.

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