Mr. Trump does not promise to run with Mr. Pence in 2024

Exclusive: Donald Trump told Fox News that he wasn’t ready to meet again with former Vice President Mike Pence in the 2024 election campaign.

Trump, who was addressing a Republican donor dinner in North Carolina on Saturday night, was asked by Fox News if he was interested in running again with Pence:

“Mike and I have a good relationship. We continue to have a good relationship, but it’s certainly too early to discuss our running buddies,” said the former president before his pre-exclusive television speech. I told you in an interview.

Mr. Pence recently visited New Hampshire, which many consider to be a way to test his potential to run for president.

Mr. Trump has been openly critical of Mr. Pence after the riots at the Federal Capitol on January 6, and the Vice President took advantage of his position as Senate Chair to Trump against the Electoral College vote. I wanted to support his challenge.

Mr. Trump has fueled speculation about his potential run in 2024 by sending constant funding emails, providing congressional support, and planning a rally later this summer. He, 74, has yet to say when he will announce his decision on his political future.

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“I will probably make decisions in the not too distant future, perhaps faster than people think, and I think they will be very happy,” Trump said on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, one member of the Trump family refuses to take the political arena. Lara Trump announced in 2022 that she would not seek a seat in Senator North Carolina. Shortly after her announcement, Trump announced that Senator Ted Budd (Republican-NC) had vacated seats by Senator Richard Burr. ) Publicly supported.

Mr. Trump does not promise to run with Mr. Pence in 2024

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