Morgan Freeman refused to fund police: “most of them” “doing their job”

Actor Morgan Freeman said in a recent interview that he broke the progressive left and did not support the movement to steal money from police stations across the country.

“I’m not a little involved in refunding police money,” Freeman said in an interview with Black Enterprise’s Serena Hill. “Police work, apart from all the negatives around it, it is very necessary for us to have them and most of them are the ones who do their work. They are their daily routine. The police never pulled out the gun except for anger, that’s what I don’t know. “

RNC has released a 7-minute video of the Democratic Party echoing the rhetoric of “Defund the Police.”

Freeman advertised the murder of his new movie, Kenneth Chamberlain. It revolves around the story of an elderly black veteran killed by police.

Frankie Faison, who co-stars with Freeman in the movie and plays a man shot by the police, agreed with Freeman in an interview about police financing.

“Well, I agree with Morgan,” Phison told Hill. “I certainly don’t agree with refunding the cops’ money.”

VA DEM GOV NOMINEE MCAULIFFE refuses to refuse support from groups supporting police defense

“The law enforcement agencies treat Hollywood stars a little differently than those who live a normal life,” Phison added.

“We want to stop that and treat us all equally,” Phison said.

Freeman and Criminal Justice Professor earlier this year Donate $ 1 million for the University of Mississippi to set up a center for evidence-based police and reform.

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“Look at the past year in our country-it summarizes it,” Freeman said in June. “It’s time to train police officers and make sure that’law enforcement’is not defined solely by guns and sticks. Police need to be about the phrase “serving” found in most law enforcement vehicles. “

Morgan Freeman refused to fund police: “most of them” “doing their job”

Source link Morgan Freeman refused to fund police: “most of them” “doing their job”

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