More countries are raising climate pledges and putting pressure on key emitters

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July 31, 2021

Kate avnet

Brussels (Reuters) – This week, a group of mostly small countries filed a new, more ambitious climate pledge to the United Nations, with large-scale emissions, including China, ahead of the major UN Climate Summit in November. I pressured the country to do the same.

As of Saturday, UN Director of Climate Change Patricia Espinosa said the UN had received new pledges from 110 of the approximately 200 countries that signed the 2015 Paris Agreement.

“We are still unsatisfied because only over half (58%) of the Parties have met the deadline,” Espinosa said in a statement to “double the effort” and protect it in time. Called for more ambitious efforts. Planet.

A total of 15 countries (mostly small and relatively low in CO2 emissions) have submitted new pledges this week prior to the July 30 deadline, which is counted in the UN report.

They included Sri Lanka, Israel, Malawi and Barbados. Malaysia, Nigeria and Namibia were one of the major powers that submitted stricter climate goals this week.

Deadly heat waves, floods and wildfires are occurring around the world, calling for urgent action to reduce CO2 emissions that heat the planet.

However, according to the latest analysis of national climate pledges by the United Nations, these together can lead to global warming well beyond the 1.5 degree limit that avoids the worst effects of climate change.

“I sincerely hope that the revised estimates of collective efforts will reveal a more positive situation,” Espinosa said.

China, the world’s largest CO2 emitter, and countries, including India and South Korea, have not yet filed a new climate change pledge. They face considerable international pressure to do so prior to the United Nations Climate Summit.

The United States and the European Union, the world’s second and third largest emitters, have raised their targets in recent months and promised to reduce emissions faster in the last decade.

Tina Stege, a climate envoy for the Marshall Islands, an island nation near the equator of the Pacific Ocean that is extremely vulnerable to rising sea levels, has urged step-up to rich nations that have not yet raised their pledges.

“If these major economies submit 1.5C-compliant NDCs, it will make a difference to the world,” she said. The country’s commitment to climate change is known as the “nationally determined contribution.”

Countries that have passed the UN report deadline can submit a new pledge before the November summit, and by that time all countries are expected to submit a new pledge. ..

(Report by Kate Abnett; edited by Clelia Oziel)

More countries are raising climate pledges and putting pressure on key emitters

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