More chaotic than usual, Gloves still had their moments

At the beginning of the Golden Globe Awards night, it was even more chaotic and confusing than usual. Co-host Tina Fey asked a theoretical question. “Is this one night an email?” Only the next three hours are known.

Well, sure, it could have been an email. But many shed tears as she explained that if Chadwick Boseman hadn’t had an eloquent widow, she wouldn’t be as eloquent as her deceased husband. Or, Jane Fonda made a sharp call to Hollywood about the lack of diversity the night her host was being attacked just for that. Or Chloe Zhao won the Best Director Award as the first woman of Asian descent (and the first woman since 1984).

Or 99-year-old Normanria gives the briefest explanation of his longevity. You never live or laugh alone. Or, eight years after Jodie Foster appeared very tentatively on the same television broadcast, he was happy to kiss his wife.


Of course, there are normal entanglement results and mysterious snabs, which complicate some spectacular zoom failures here. But then we had children and a dog. And they are adorable.

Will I be able to have children and dogs next year?

Some important moments of the first and preferably the last virtual globe night:

Overdue calculations

The night began under a cloud of embarrassing revelations about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and its lack of inclusion. This includes the detrimental fact that 87 bodies have no black members. Fay and co-host Amy Poehler said, “Even stupid, inclusiveness is important.” Winners like Schitt’s Creek’s Daniel Levy and presenters like Sterling K. Brown do it. I referred. Jane Fonda made it her theme. A powerful speech that won the Cecil B. Demil Award. And the HFPA hastily pledged the change on stage. “We recognize that we have our own job. Our organization needs black journalists.”


“I don’t have his words”

It was expected that Chadwick Boseman would be awarded the Best Actor Award for “Ma Rainey’s Black”. It did not dull the emotional impact of his victory. His widow, Taylor Simon Redward, tearfully accepted his honor, and her husband, who died of colon cancer at the age of 43 before the movie was released, said, “Something beautiful, something exciting. Will say something that amplifies that little voice, “he told the viewer. All of us who say you can. It tells you to continue, it brings you back to what you are trying to do at this moment in history. But she bitterly said, “I don’t have his words.” Co-star Viola Davis could see Redward crying while speaking. She wasn’t alone.

Predictable zoom fails

It was clear that the nasty zoom would fail. It started early and silenced when Daniel Kaluuya, the first winner of “Judas and the Black Messiah,” received the award and apologized to presenter Laura Dern for the technical issues. Thankfully, the problem was resolved in time for the actor to speak. Jason Sudeikis finally realized that he needed to “wrap this puppy”, showing that he didn’t expect the crumpled hoodie to win with a fascinating rambling speech (“This is nuts!”). I did. And winner Catherine O’Hara (“Schitt’s Creek”) lost something in the translation and her efforts to provide applause and playing music over the phone while she was speaking caused confusion on social media. With the help of perhaps unwelcome from her husband. Oh yeah, there were those conversations between the candidates before the commercial — did they know we heard them?


Kids and pets still bring joy

Still, the de facto acceptance from the winner stuck at home had a huge silver lining of happy kids and cute pets. When Mark Ruffalo won “I Know This Much Is A Family”, the two of his teens couldn’t control enough joy to get away from the camera shot. Lee Isaac Chung’s adorable young daughter, the scriptwriter and director of the Korean-American family drama Minari, sat on his lap and hugged him all the while accepting the best foreign language films. “That’s why she made this movie,” Chung said. The winner, Jodie Foster (“The Mauritanian”), also had a family member dog on his lap. Also seen: Sarah Paulson dogs, and Emmacolin cats.

Love for Borat, Snab for Bakaroba … and exposure to Giuliani

Bulgarian actress Maria Bakarowa, a breakout star in Amazon’s Borat Subsequent Film, was widely expected to win, but Rosamund Pike (“I Care a Lot”” paid tribute to Bakarowa’s courage.・ I lost to “A Lot”). In her film, Pike said: “I had to swim from a sinking car. I would rather do it than I was in the room with Rudolph Giuliani.” Former New York City Mayor’s infamous Cameo said Giuliani “from anywhere. It was also the butt of a joke from “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen, who came in without and called “a fresh new talent that turned out to be a comedy genius” … that is, one thaw of who was able to do it. Can you laugh more? Baron Cohen, who won the best actor in the comedy, also joked that Donald Trump was “disagreeing with the outcome” of his victory.



Have you ever expected Fonda? In her memorable Demil Award speech, multiple Globe Award winners praised the film’s storytelling strengths. “Story can change our minds and minds.” After that, I decided to advise Hollywood. “There is a story that we were afraid to see and hear about ourselves,” she said. “A story about the voices we respect, enhance, and care for: in the room where the decision is made about who provides the table seats and who is locked out.” He said he should take the lead, not just keep pace with society. “Become a leader,” she said.

Zhao makes history

Zhao was the first Asian-American woman to receive the Best Director Award for her ghostly and elegant Nomadland. But that wasn’t the only way she made history. It was the first coaching glove for women in nearly 40 years since Barbra Streisand won the Yentl of Love. Her film, Pilgrimage American, said, “It’s at the heart of me. Zhao is a pilgrimage of sadness and healing. Say goodbye to anyone who has experienced this difficult and beautiful journey at some point in life. Instead, say, “Let’s meet again.” Zhao’s victory opens the way for other female directors.

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More chaotic than usual, Gloves still had their moments

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