Montana is about to end the conservation of grizzly bears in the glacier region

Billings, Mon. – Montana is calling on the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife to lift protection for endangered grizzly bear species in northern Glacier, including Glacier National Park and its surroundings, officials said Monday.

The state’s request comes after bear populations have increased in recent decades, spurring more break-in, such as grizzly bear attacks on livestock and regular beatings of people.

According to Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, removing federal protection will give the state’s wildlife authorities more flexibility to deal with bears involved in conflict. However, wildlife advocates warned of overfishing if protection was lifted.

Northwest Montana is the most concentrated grizzly bear in the 48 states of the mainland United States, with more than 1,000 bears in areas including Glacier National Park and vast forested wilderness.

In March, U.S. government scientists said that grizzly bears in the area had recovered biologically, but due to artificial bear deaths and other pressures, continued protection under endangered species law was needed. I said there is.


Grizzly hunting is banned in the United States other than Alaska. Bears, which are believed to be problematic, are regularly killed by wildlife officials.

In a statement, Hankwasek, director of Wildlife and Parks, Montanafish, “showed the ability to manage bears and protect habitats and populations. When you have full authority for grizzly bears in Montana. Has come. “

However, wildlife advocates have taken advanced policies to make it much easier for Republicans, including Jean Forte, to kill another controversial predator, the gray wolf, after the state against Grizzly. Warned to give control of.

“I don’t think we can hunt these iconic native carnivores,” environmentalist John Honing told the group Wild Earth Guardians. “There is no doubt that the state will be able to push it to its absolute limits and kill as many grizzly bears as possible.”


The Department of Fish and Wildlife has not yet received a state petition and has not received immediate comment, spokesman Joe Zswalak said.

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, who oversees the Department of Fish and Wildlife, has strengthened bear protection in Congress and co-sponsored a law to reintroduce bears to tribal lands. When asked at a confirmation hearing in February, Haaland did not say how to tackle this issue.

There used to be 50,000 grizzly bears in the western half of the United States, but most were killed by hunting, traps, and habitat loss after the arrival of European settlers in the late 1800s. By the time federal protection was granted in 1975, the population had dropped to less than 1,000.

More than 700 bears were unprotected in and around Yellowstone National Park in 2017, but were later restored by federal judges.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon lifted Grizzly’s protection in the Yellowstone region in September and asked the federal government to control and potentially allow three states in the region to hunt large wounds in certain areas. He said he would request.

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Montana is about to end the conservation of grizzly bears in the glacier region

Source link Montana is about to end the conservation of grizzly bears in the glacier region

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