Monopoly-Britain warns EU and could deviate from Northern Ireland’s Brexit agreement-Source

A truck drives past the dirty “Welcome to Northern Ireland” sign on the Irish-Northern Ireland border, and on March 6, 2021, the speed limit goes from kilometers per hour to miles per hour at the Irish Carrickcarnan border. Remind the driver to change. Photo taken on March 6, 2021. REUTERS / Clodagh Kilcoyne

July 19, 2021

Britain’s exit from the EU (Reuters)-Unless the European Union shows more flexibility over Northern Ireland, Britain will threaten Britain’s exit from the EU this week, one UK and three EU sources told Reuters. It was. Uproar.

Deviating from the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol of the Agreement is a dangerous step. Its purpose was to prevent Brexit from disrupting the subtle peace brought to Northern Ireland by the US-mediated 1998 agreement that ended the 30-year conflict between denominations.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who signed the 2020 Brexit agreement, was disappointed with the paperwork protocol and confirmed that London could prevent British staple foods such as sausages from going to Northern Ireland. Did.

UK Minister David Frost, who leads the UK’s Brexit negotiations, is informed that he is preparing to announce the possibility of significant changes to the Protocol that could have widespread consequences for relations with the EU. One of the sources said.

The plan is working in Downing Street. Frost will update Congress on Northern Ireland and Brexit on Wednesday, and will present a treatise on Brexit to lawmakers.

After Reuters’ report, Frost told lawmakers that if the Protocol was not sustainable in its current form and an agreement could not be reached, London would consider all options, including unilateral action under Article 16 of the Protocol. Stated.

“All options are being considered,” Frost said when asked if he would consider invoking Article 16.

Frost said it is not yet clear if a radical rebalancing of the protocol is possible.

Brussels expects Frost to push forward with deviations from the Protocol unless the EU agrees to compromise, said an EU diplomat who was briefed on a meeting with a British negotiator.

“I don’t agree with the resumption of the Irish Protocol,” said a third source, a senior EU official.

The UK is expected to exceed the demand for changes in veterinary rules. EU officials and a second EU diplomat said London aims to exclude the European Court of Justice (ECJ) from the arbitration process.

Maintaining peace in Northern Ireland without dividing Britain while protecting the EU’s single market has always been the most difficult mystery in Brexit’s story since the 2016 referendum.

Northern Ireland

Johnson unilaterally delayed the implementation of some provisions of the Protocol as Britain left the block on January 1, and Frost said the Protocol was unsustainable.

Frost claims a bespoke veterinary trade based on equivalence, stating that London no longer has to manage goods from the UK to Northern Ireland.

The UK argues that a more flexible approach to agricultural food regulations is needed to limit its impact on daily life and clearly explains what the options and risks are.

The 1998 Peace Agreement was a “trouble” that killed 3,600 people in a 30-year conflict between Irish Catholic nationalist extremists and a protestant “faithful” paramilitary organization in Britain. Is almost over.

The open Irish border is considered crucial to the spirit of its trade, with the aim of protecting peace, free trade and travel to the islands.

But that became a problem after the 2016 Brexit vote. The EU was unable to close the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, but was concerned that it could be a backdoor to the EU’s single market.

The result is a 63-page Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland. This allows Northern Ireland to effectively remain in the EU’s commodity market and Northern Ireland to apply EU Customs regulations at its ports.

However, by checking some commodities that travel between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland, many pro-British union members say the Protocol violated the 1998 peace agreement.

Loyalist paramilitary organizations told Johnson in March that they had temporarily withdrawn support for the peace agreement due to concerns over the Brexit agreement.

(Written by Gabriela Baczynska and Philip Blenkinsop in Brussels, Guy Faulconbridge in London, additional report by William James, edited by Andrew Heavens, Catherine Evans, Toby Chopra)

Monopoly-Britain warns EU and could deviate from Northern Ireland’s Brexit agreement-Source

Source link Monopoly-Britain warns EU and could deviate from Northern Ireland’s Brexit agreement-Source

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