MoD gets a £ 24bn boost to create a National Cyber ​​Force

Credit: US Air Force photo / JM Eddins Jr.

The Defense Ministry has been awarded a £ 24bn cash increase over the next four years for large spending on cyber defense in countries designated as key investment targets.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the promotion of funding and said he would represent “the largest investment program in Britain’s defense since the end of the Cold War.” He added that an agreement to increase defense spending by 0.5% above inflation, adding a Conservative manifesto pledge of £ 16.5 billion, would end the era of reducing defense spending.

The plan includes a commitment to strengthen Britain’s cyber defense capabilities, and the government will combine UK security and military service personnel with a new agency specializing in artificial intelligence and national cyber forces. We are creating both. The government is also developing a new Royal Air Force Space Command capable of launching its first rocket in 2022.

These projects are expected to create up to 10,000 jobs per year across the UK, improving construction, science and military skills.

“We made this decision with our pandemic teeth because the defense of the realm had to come first,” Johnson said.

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He added: “The Cold War and Britain are more loyal to our history and must be in line with our allies, so the international situation is more dangerous and more competitive than ever. To achieve this. , We need to upgrade our capabilities altogether, ending the era of withdrawal, transforming the military, strengthening global influence, uniting and leveling up the country, new technologies This is your chance to cultivate and protect people. A way of life. “

The cash plan confirms the position of the UK, which is Europe’s largest defense spender and NATO’s second largest after the United States.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace said the agreement “provides the economic certainty needed to modernize, plan for the future and adapt to the threats it faces.”

He added: “This settlement will secure jobs and livelihoods in the UK, allow us to invest in great shipyards and the aerospace industry, and spread prosperity to every corner of the UK.

“Next year is a huge opportunity for the country, and defense is at the forefront of creating employment and business opportunities that will help us escape the pandemic.”

MoD said the agreement was the first result of an integrated review of UK foreign, defense, development and security policies. The full conclusions of the review suspended this year due to the coronavirus pandemic will be announced in the new year.

In response to the prime minister, Labor leader Keir Starmer said the delay in the review made the deal a “strategic spending announcement.”

He added: “This is an era of great uncertainty worldwide, when Britain is out of ten years of detention. I know the Prime Minister is always keen to talk about the fragments of government he enjoys. Increasing-Big Announcements, Space Program, Moonshot. But this statement still lacks the government’s clear strategy, coherent vision, or idea of ​​how promises will actually come true for Britain in the world. It shows that it is. “

MoD gets a £ 24bn boost to create a National Cyber ​​Force

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