Minneapolis police shot deadly a man during a traffic outage and ignited a protest

Protests broke out on Wednesday night in Minneapolis after police shot and killed a man during a traffic outage on the south side of the city, officials said.

According to Minneapolis police, at around 6:15 pm, a gun battle was exchanged after a policeman pulled a man suspected of being a felony at a gas station.

The police killing was the first in the city since George Floyd’s death on May 25. George Floyd ignited national unrest, riots and protests earlier this year. Floyd died after a police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes.

The shooting on Wednesday occurred about a mile away from where Floyd died.

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A scene in Minneapolis after a man was shot dead by police on December 30, 2020. (The Associated Press)

At a press conference on Wednesday, police chief Medallia Aradondo said the suspect fired first and “police officers subsequently engaged in a gun battle,” according to a Minneapolis start review.

Officials reported that police officers were not injured during the shooting and that the woman in the car with the suspect was also unharmed. I saw a bullet hole in the police car at the scene.

After the shooting, more than 100 protesters gathered in the area, shouting obscene words to police, throwing snowballs at police officers, and demanding more information about the shooting.

Aradondo begged the inhabitants to maintain peace and said he would act swiftly to publish body camera footage-probably on Thursday.

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“As chief, we are aware of the trauma our city is experiencing and want to do everything we can to maintain peace,” the newspaper said. “Our city has experienced too much. We need to keep our officers safe, we need to keep our communities safe, and I tell you, we are the crime. We need to protect the site. “

“Give me time as a (state) investigator to get the evidence, the facts, and be able to handle this,” he continued.

The shooting is in the midst of a call to refund the police station after Floyd’s death. Earlier this month, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a budget from police to shift about $ 8 million to anti-violence and mental health programs.

It also happens in the rise of violent crimes in the city this year.

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Police spokesman John Elder said the police officers involved were members of the Community Response Team (CRT), which focuses on crime-prone areas. According to Star Tribune, all the police officers involved were isolated and awaiting an interview, he added.

Minneapolis police shot deadly a man during a traffic outage and ignited a protest

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