Ministers and senior officials lamented the strengthening of domestic violence


The prime minister has instructed the prime minister that the start of the restoration of the government office is “wise” and could damage morale in Whitehall.

The alert, which was reportedly told by Secretary of State Simon Case in a private conversation over the weekend with Boris Johnson, focused on Jacob Rees-Mogg’s recent requests to increase travel to the country. office between officers.

The prime minister left memos in non -office offices, questioned the right of officials working from home to receive London’s high wages, and raised the issue of replacing workers. bad work place.

Cultural writer Nadine Dorries called Rees-Mogg’s tactics “Dickensian” over the weekend and questioned the need to focus the office on the product of remote and hybrid production.

“Why are we measuring the bodies behind the tables? Why aren’t we measuring the product?” Dorries said, as it were The Time.

In recent days, security personnel have been asked to use clickers to count civilian employees entering government buildings.

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Tech Minister Chris Philp, who works under Dorries in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, also barred civil servants working from home, telling Times Radio “ balance is important. “

Case’s advice to the PM, meanwhile, described a “huge growth of anger” in the offices over what the head of the civil service described Rees-Mogg’s “scare tactics.” “, according to the Guardian.

The newspaper said Case told Johnson of Rees-Mogg’s messages and the rhetoric he would use against civilian workers was going too far. However, it is understood that the car is “full on board” with increasing levels of face-to-face performance, according to source No.10.

Yesterday, Chief Justice Lord David Wolfson – who resigned earlier this month because of the Prime Minister’s handling of the Partygate controversy – praised the caliber of his former staff at the Minister of Justice.

He said that while he did not want to think about how the home or office would work, he felt compelled to “provide a high standard of civil service”.

“Whether in policy organizations or my personal office, the civil servants I work with are dedicated, dedicated and hard working,” he wrote on Twitter. , but the whole level is amazing. I was once told (learned?) That my policy was considered a ‘novel’, even though it was not condemned as a ‘warrior’. Go on, Minister. “

Wolfson added that he knows MoJ perm sec Antonia Romeo and the entire team of the office will work hard for his successor as they did for him.

Separately, FDA Secretary General Dave Penman said Rees-Mogg’s remarks would only prevent good people from entering the civil service at the same time as undermining those who are there.

He said the approach was “inappropriate”, as ministers could not point to product losses associated with increasing employment in the civil service.

“Jacob Rees-Mogg says he’s not sure how the new offices will be,” he said.

Ministers and senior officials lamented the strengthening of domestic violence

Source link Ministers and senior officials lamented the strengthening of domestic violence

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