Minister Maude hoped to lead the review of civil service practices

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Former Prime Minister Francis Maude could be asked to lead a review of the civil service’s performance, according to reports.

A story on Time of Value Maude is said to have believed in two prominent civil servants – who led the regulation of public services from 2010 to 2015, the establishment of the Digital Government Service and technological reforms. purchase – is scheduled to carry out a pre -promised review later. June Announcement for Government Reform.

The resolution pledged to carry out two reviews, one on “civil service management, taking into account the appropriate responsibilities of senior officers, non -commissioned officers and ministers” and a review of the “modeling of responsibility for decisions”.

The final review, according to the statement, will take in “the world’s best training and knowledge during illness”, as well as consider the “production and development of Minister’s instructions “.

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of the FT reports that these reviews were delayed because of controversy over scope, with some ministers arguing that the review should look into whether political candidates can lead the offices, according to the ” Whitehall is in good shape ”.

Lord Maude, a now Conservative ally, drew the ire of some civil servants during his time as Prime Minister for a reform program to improve Whitehall’s well -being.

He oversaw major changes in the way Whitehall operated digital services and purchased goods and services from the private sector. In 2020, he led a review of government cuts and tax cuts, in which he called for actions to be given more power and given more power to keep the economy going. offices.

Maude’s friends told the FT He was not asked to carry out the latest review of the role of the civil service.

The government has said it will conduct a review of governance and accountability this year. “They will seek to learn from other countries, organizations outside the civil service, and from new information on the government. More information on this issue will be provided in due course,” he said. An official told the newspaper.

Minister Maude hoped to lead the review of civil service practices

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