Military veterans successfully run multiple franchises of major pizza chains

Helotes, Texas – May is Military Appreciation Month, a patriotic period that honors both active and former military personnel who have served in honor of the country.

It’s time to celebrate Rene Jackson, who retired as Lieutenant Colonel of the Army, but said he owes much of his success to the community.

Jackson has served in the Army for over 20 years.

“I worked for about 24 years from 1984 to 2012,” Jackson said. “I retired as Lieutenant Colonel of the Army, and my background was in logistics.”

Jackson had plans to go far beyond that and continue his service in the Army, but “it was just not on the card.”

“I’m medically retired,” Jackson said. “I was in the Middle East for a year when I was first diagnosed with advanced colon cancer, and I was ill all the time I was there. (Doctor) probably stressed, developed, and dieted. I think it’s due to the change, so there were some things I was trying to see if I could get better, and that never happened. “


He was then taken to San Antonio. His family left their Asian home and joined him in the city of Alamo, bought a home and started working again. Meanwhile, Jackson said he had plenty of time to think about his life and what he wanted to do next. He used his background in logistics and wanted to be an entrepreneur.

“I was already signed on to become a Little Caesar franchisee,” Jackson said. “We had the first place, we had a contractor, we had almost a loan to run and open this new store. I have many different I saw the franchise, and Little Caesars had a great veteran program. It really, really worked. (They) had a lot of incentives, a lot of specials, a lot of support (their Tier Two System military retirement). (Through the military program) provided. “

Since then, Jackson has obtained more health survey results.

“I was assigned to an injured battalion of warriors here in San Antonio during the transition (from the military),” Jackson said. “I was diagnosed with cancer a second time, this time with advanced laryngeal cancer, so we started the process over with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and trying to get better.”


Jackson knew he had a commitment to do so, so he sought backup from his family, his most credible army.

“My daughter worked at New Braunfels ISD as a developmental psychologist, so I went to her and said: Help me. Help me set up this store. I Are preparing to go to their own fight, and we are already signed up to become a franchisee. “

A few years later, after six franchises, his daughter continues to serve as operations director.

“We went to Lyttle, Piersol, Heroes, Marble Falls, New Braunfels and Hondo,” said Jackson. “We have contracts for two more stores (stores), so we will probably have eight stores within the next six to eight months.”

Jackson said his cancer had been in remission for over a decade.

Patriotic ornaments and banners praise his service among all the oranges on the walls of his store, but Jackson is most proud of the community posters and fundraising activities. It is a leaflet.


“Being a retiree and a small business owner, you also need to return something to the community in which you are active, because they make you or they destroy you. If they come and realize that you are sincere and you want to do something for them, that is, look around you. We are all high schools, all middle schools , Supporting all elementary schools. We sponsor their event. “

Jackson said his military background in logistics was applied daily and helped manage multiple small businesses successfully over the years. He also said he was able to help his young employees succeed beyond the kitchen and cashiers.

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Military veterans successfully run multiple franchises of major pizza chains

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