Mike Piazza’s video pitch for Larry Elder upset California voters and failed to expel Newsom in a call

Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza played against California Republican Larry Elder on Tuesday, urging voters to expel the first Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in the state’s scallop. I did not go.

Newsom managed to fend off challenges from the field of elders and other Republicans and continued to serve to complete his term.

Former New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers star Piazza, 53, supports Elder, a Republican front runner and conservative talk radio host, as Tuesday is the day of the call election. I posted the video on Twitter.

Mike Piazza will give an introductory speech at the Clark Sports Center at the Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony on July 24, 2016 in Cooperstown, NY. (Getty Images)

“Go out, bring back Gavin Newsom and vote to put Larry Elder in Sacramento,” Piazza said in the video. “When I arrived in LA, my friends were only talking about moving to California, and now everyone is talking about moving from California. Larry Elder wants to change this. I think. He is a man who loves California deeply and revives California. Dream. Vote for Larry Elder. “

“Everyone is talking about moving out of California. Larry Elder wants to change that.”

— Mike Piazza, former MLB star

NO’S HAVE IT-GOV.Gavin Newsom Survives California Recall

Piazza, a prominent supporter of former President Trump, added that if the elder wins, he will personally return to Dodger Stadium for the first time since his MLB career ended. [Elder] Say hello to a lot of friends after a long time “

However, Newsom was predicted to remain governor of California, and the elder admitted defeat late Tuesday, so all his efforts seemed in vain.

Overwhelmingly elected governor of the azure state in 2018, Newsome faced a sparking recall last year, primarily over accusations of mishandling the state’s response. coronavirus..

Voters were asked two questions about the Newsom national dismissal vote. The first question was whether the governor should be dismissed. If more than 50% favored Newsom’s removal, the second question provided a list of 46 candidates running to replace him.

Ballot was mailed last month Estimated 22 million registered voters in California By the end of the vote, it had to be postmarked or submitted at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Roll-in begins when voting ends as a result of California’s NEWSOM recall

Considered one of the biggest offensive catchers in baseball history, Piazza was the 1988 MLB draft that Los Angeles chose in the 62nd round. After playing with the Dodgers for seven seasons, he was traded to the Florida Marlins and later turned to the Mets.

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He helped New York reach the 2000 World Series, but Mets lost to the New York Yankees in five games.

Paul Steinhauser of Fox News contributed to this report.

Mike Piazza’s video pitch for Larry Elder upset California voters and failed to expel Newsom in a call

Source link Mike Piazza’s video pitch for Larry Elder upset California voters and failed to expel Newsom in a call

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