Migration will not end unless inequality ends

Cameroon – In a protest against the treatment of the United States against Haiti’s asylum seekers, the embarrassed prime minister of the embarrassed island nation pointed out that inequality and conflict facilitated migration, but he could not directly criticize Washington on this issue. could not.

“We don’t want sovereign states to challenge their right to control the borders of entry into their territory or send illegal immigrants back to their country of origin,” Ariel Henry said in a video speech. Annual General Assembly of World Leaders of the United Nations General Assembly.

But “humans, fathers and mothers with children are always going to escape poverty and conflict,” he added. “As long as there are both wealthy regions on Earth, migration will continue, but most of the world’s population has no prospect of a better life and lives in poverty, even in extreme poverty.”

“I believe that many countries that are thriving today have been built by a wave of migrants and refugees,” he added.


Ariel spoke in the last three months, when his country recovered from the assassination of the president, the quake, and the immigration crisis. And the Ariel administration is facing increasing turmoil in the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for November 7.

Ariel was monitored by the current former prosecutor in Haiti. Prosecutors asked judges this month to prosecute the prime minister for the July 7 assassination of President Jovenel Moise. Prosecutors said Henry spoke with key suspects twice in the hours following the killing.

Henry — He fired the prosecutor and the Minister of Justice last week, saying he was trying to bring the criminal to justice. Another senior official resigned because the prime minister tried to interfere with the judiciary.


Meanwhile, turmoil about US immigration policy and false information about social media have pushed thousands of Haitians to the southern borders of the United States in recent months. A large immigrant camp, consisting primarily of Haitians, many of whom had stayed in Mexico and other Latin American countries for years, sprouted in the town of Del Rio, Texas, and went to the United States last week. It peaked with more than 14,000 people wanting to enter the country.

Images of the US Border Guard using horses to thwart and move immigrants have caused anger, the resignation of a US envoy to Haiti, and ongoing investigations. President Joe Biden called the agent’s tactics “terrifying,” “dangerous,” and “wrong.”


The camp has been cleared. Some people have been deported. About 12,400 immigrants are allowed to stay in the United States at least temporarily, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas.

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Migration will not end unless inequality ends

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