Mid-Week Stock Report: Timberwolves Leads Light Up From Deep

Naz Reid, Timberwolves Center (⬆️UP)

Nas Raid, Three Point Specialist? Mocking if possible, the Minnesota giant hit 45.45% of the triples last week. He also scored 13.3 points per game on that stretch, and it’s important for the Timberwolves team to get production from the center position, feeling the impact of Karl-Anthony Towns’ absence.

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Minnesota Timberwolves (⬆️UP)

Minnesota may be 3-7, but on Sunday he defeated San Antonio Spurs 96-88, finishing seven losing skids and now embarking on a more forgiving schedule. In the next few days, Timberwolves will play Memphis Grizzlies twice (without Ja Morant) in the 5-5 Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic. To be exact, it is not a murderers’ row.

Minnesota Twins (↔️EVEN)

Francisco Lindeau has been traded off to the Mets … Yeah!

The Chicago White Sox has signed Liam Hendriks … Noooo !!

Minnesota’s top two rivals in the American League Central have recently made some moves. One seemed to get better and the other seemed to get worse. We need to see how that affects the twins this season.

Minnesota Wild (⬆️UP)

Hockey is finally back !!! It’s too long.

Justin Jefferson, Viking Wide Receiver (⬆️UP)

Jefferson became the first rookie wide receiver named All Pro since Randy Moss in 1998. Tyler Rocket and Tyreek Hill also made it during the rookie season, but as a kick returner. Still, it’s a good company to maintain for 21-year-old (!!!) Jefferson.

Gophers Basketball (⬇️DOWN)

Minnesota lost 25 points to Michigan last Wednesday and 15 points to Iowa last Sunday. No. 23 Gophers is still 10-4, but it was certainly a rough stretch.

Mid-Week Stock Report: Timberwolves Leads Light Up From Deep

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