Mid-Major Pop-up Games Pit San Francisco and Loyola Chicago

This college basketball season feels like an extension of the last season. As a result, the coronavirus leaves a pause, cancellation, and postponement.

The glowing light of basketball emerged from the ashes. They are two of the best mid-majors in Japan who fight in a junior college gymnasium.

Having a hard time finding an enemy in the turmoil of the coronavirus, San Francisco and Loyola Chicago decided to meet in the middle. Don and Rambler will play in Salt Lake City on Thursday. This was an unexpected non-conference mid-major pop-up game as San Francisco coach Todd Golden sought support from rivals.

“Any @BYUMBB fan in the Salt Lake Area wants to support @USFDonsMBB on Thursday noon !!” Golden tweeted Wednesday. !! You can wear blue too !! “

The college basketball season had such a great start and a normal feeling of returning to hardwoods.


Omicron’s ubiquity has put it back on the familiar unfortunate path. Start and stop are back.

Dozens of teams have been forced to suspend the coronavirus. Over 620 men’s and women’s matches have been postponed or canceled, some within an hour of tip time.

Scheduling has turned into a logistic nightmare. Exchanged and rescheduled games are exchanged and rescheduled.

UCLA coach Mick Cronin hasn’t played the team since December 11, but joked that he would play the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers just to play in the match.

Rambler and Don were not immune.

Chicago Loyola hasn’t played since defeating Vanderbilt on December 10th, thanks to the suspension of his opponent’s coronavirus and the mixture of his own pre-Christmas coronavirus. Rambler shelved the sixth match of the season when Illinois State University had to quit Wednesday’s match due to the COVID-19 protocol.


San Francisco hasn’t been hit hard, but last week the West Coast Conference match between St. Mary’s and Gonzaga 4 was postponed.

Scramble to find the game landed them in Salt Lake City.

Except for more issues, San Francisco and Loyola Chicago will meet at the Salt Lake Community College Lifelong Activity Center-Blue Inn Arena. The 5,000-seat gym is home to Salt Lake City Stars, a G-League affiliate of Bruins Basketball and Utah Jazz.

Fans, including BYU fans, will entertain you.

San Francisco (13-1) has the best non-conference record since it started the season with 10 consecutive wins and the 1976-77 season with 26 consecutive wins. Don’s duo of Jamary Buyer and Karil Shabaz combine nearly 29 points per game to form one of the country’s most dynamic backcoats.

Loyola Chicago (9-2) has become the name of the home hoop because it is unlikely to be in the 2018 Final Four, leading Chaplain / fan’s favorite Sister Jean. Rambler has a new coach at Drew Valentine this season, but he’s still knocking down Goliath.


Loyola Chicago has so far defeated Arizona State University, DePaul University and Vanderbilt University. From 1991 to 1992, it was the first time that he had won the Power 5 team many times in the regular season.

The hoop event caused by the pandemic is to put them together in a game that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

This week, Ramblers guard Lucas Williamson told reporters, “We won’t know we’re officially playing until the chip-off.” “So I don’t want to jinx it. I don’t say I’m sitting here to play the game, but I’ll prepare to play it.”

College basketball fans around the world want them to do so.


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Mid-Major Pop-up Games Pit San Francisco and Loyola Chicago

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