Microsoft wants you to calm down about Windows 11 (in a twisted, great way)

Can you hear me Do you feel

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You barely slept, right?

More technically incorrect

You spent so much time thinking about it that you could hardly concentrate on a single Zoom call. That is, Teams calls it.

Your family is ignoring you and your dog once even tried to feed you.

We will deliver the good news. Microsoft understands how excited you are to witness the next edition of the software that has become your most useful limb, Windows.

Windows 11 is said to be announced on June 24th, but frankly, that’s too many days, isn’t it? That’s why Microsoft decided to talk to you directly and provide a calming tincture. More precisely, a calm tone. More precisely, some.

Redmond has released an 11-minute auditory homage to the bygone Windows.

“Are you so excited about the June 24th Microsoft event that you’re having trouble relaxing? Travel slowly through the memory lanes with the startup sounds of Windows 95, XP, and 7.”

Well, that’s what you want to think about yourself, right? I wish I could remember the noise surrounding Windows XP.

But did the best Microsoft engineers really spend their time writing songs from great sounds that were always awake at worst?

Okay. They have And how.

Here is all the startup noise that has slowed down by 4,000%.

This causes a mesmeric humming in the head that drifts from one ear to the other. And I’ll be back again.

It’s as if Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and a few Microsoft engineers decided to hold a jam session that included some kind of e-cigarette and one pretty old church organ.

Microsoft seems to be chasing Google.

Not long ago, Google created a four-and-a-half-minute video to help Pixel users practice mindfulness while data is being transferred to their new smartphones.

It’s encouraging that vast tech companies are thinking about their customers’ emotions at these crucial moments in their lives.

Indeed, it inspired the idea in my distant part.

What happens when a new Windows is released? If Windows 11 is widely loved, shouldn’t Microsoft prepare a Hallelujah choir with some technology?

And shouldn’t it also prepare new calming details for those who may feel that the new operating system is making an unwelcome noise in some of their internal work?

Microsoft wants you to calm down about Windows 11 (in a twisted, great way)

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