Michelle denies catching Dr. Dre in bed with a man


The “No More Lies” singer concludes the convict on death row allegation that she spilled on Tupac Shakur and Sedge Knight about the sexuality of music mogul.

Michelle Refuted the bomb speculation she witnessed Dr. DreSuspicion of homosexuality. The R & B singer has dismissed the claim of Kurt Kobane, the producer of the death row prison cell. Tupac Shakur And Suge Knight About the sexuality of the music mogul.

When appearing in “The Art of Dialouge,” Kurt, whose real name is Curtis Cooton, recalls a conversation that “claimed” that Michelle was allegedly in bed with Dr. Dre with another man. I did. Kurt said Sedge and Tupac were interested in whether Dre had “played gay” after rumors spread about the producer.

Curtis is said to have remembered when Michelle called the bedroom phone and a man named Mark answered.He also said she called a former member of the gangsta rap group NWA “F **** t”.

After the story spread, Neighborhood Talk asked Michel’le for confirmation. According to the press, the diva of “Something in My Heart” denied the claim and called it a lie.

She reportedly admitted to having talked with Tupac several times, but they had never talked about Dre’s sexuality. The site further reported that a 50-year-old singer was “shocked” by someone “making something like that.”

Kurt has not responded to Michelle’s denial, but many have chosen to stand by her side. “I believe in her,” commented an Instagram user. “She can’t be too worried about retaliation from Dore because she was already talking about how the man abused her. Some people don’t let people sit in these interviews and lie. Another person was confused by gay rumors, “lol I believe it, but how does he tackle this subject?”

Meanwhile, some others suggested that Michelle chose not to talk about Dre’s secret because she just wanted to avoid trouble. “Michelle said he’s already got the beat of Dre. I don’t want any more,” one insisted. Another similarly speculated, “She doesn’t want smoke knowing that Dre beats a woman.”

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