Michael W. Smith: Father’s Day Lessons – Six Principles Dad taught me about life, love and parenting

My dad was a great baseball pitcher and had a career in minor leagues. Growing up, we spent many late afternoon throwing balls back and forth in the yard. Catch the pitch from my dad’s left-handed throw has become a second nature for me. But over the years, there is another kind of catch that I started with my dad.

There is an old saying, “You can catch more than you can teach.”I had a front row seat to see how to live a life of integrity and honor look My father’s life.

Sure, he has given me a lot of sound advice and wisdom over the years, but seeing someone survive their beliefs is far more than their words talking about it. We all know that it is important to. Lessons are best learned from an example rather than a lecture from an expert.

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I learned from my father so many wonderful principles by observing and “capturing” his tireless work ethic, his constant desire for excellence, and his service to people in all areas of his life. I was ethic. I want to share with you six of these truths that I use every day to be a husband over 40, a dad with six adult children, and 16 (and counting?) Grandchildren. I think. Oh, and as you know, my grandson calls me G-Daddy. As musicians, I’m grateful that they found the name they gave me to be hip-hop rather than IHOP.

Principle 1 – – To grow with love and influence, it is important to balance time between quality and quantity

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For quite some time, born of a busy culture, we have heard that quality time is very important. But that cannot be an excuse to avoid quantity. When my children were growing up, my dad gave them both, rarely saying no. Dad went all-in when they asked him to do something. It was never too hot or too cold to play outside. “What is this? I If the kids wanted to do that and get him involved, his choice was to be with them. That decision created the principles of his life that provided his grandchildren with both quality and quantity of time.

Principle 2 – Creating a personalized and unique moment can form a continuous deepening bond

Another element of today’s busy lifestyle is trying to understand how children and grandchildren can adapt. our Schedule. An important principle I learned from my dad was to work hard to show interest in everything, as our children and grandchildren invite us into our world. The kids are very smart. They can tell if we are honest or just patronize them. Asking questions, showing interest, spending time together, looking for and creating specific moments is a literal investment not only in us but in their lives.

Principle 3 – Giving a gift is great, but giving a presence is the best gift you can ever give.

Indeed, dads and moms, known to my children as Grandaddy and Mimi, gave them gifts, but the best gift was their presence. When talking about stories for my book, each and every one of my children mentioned the constant presence of my father in their lives. As they entered the house, their eyes went straight to Dad’s chair. His presence has always given us such a warm sense of security and security. All he had to do was start calling their nickname with a smile, and everything seemed right to the world. Existing, all Focusing on it, it is the best gift that parents, grandparents and great-grandparents can give. Engagement, not entertainment.

As parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of the family of faith, prayer is an investment in the lives and heritage of the next generation.

Principle 4 – Making your marriage a top priority for love and life is the best example for your child

In the conversation in my book, all my children commented on how they saw their grandparents fall in love by expressing their affection. My parents were always holding hands when they walked. And when people leave, they will kiss goodbye.One of my daughters said, “What do you know? You it can Please fall in love with each other. They were clearly close friends of each other. We all know that a family whose marriage is an example gives children a better chance of happiness and satisfaction.

Principle 5 – Expressing love from the heart of Christ to others is your best witness to the world

Whether in my hometown of Kenova, West Virginia, or after retiring near us in Franklin, Tennessee, my kids have always seen my parents be great neighbors.Mimi and Grandaddy knew Everyone On their streets. And everyone loved them. My kids can easily remember when they stopped by to find their neighbors and new friends drinking tea. Throughout my life, and throughout the lives of my children, the faith of my parents has driven their commitment to love and serve people. One of my children said, “I feel that their number one goal was to be as’yes’ as they could be on this planet, and for all of us they are. I’ve achieved that. ”

Michael W. Smith and his father Paul Smith (used with permission of KLOVE Books and MWS Group)

Principle 6 – Prayer is the most positive expression of love and care that can be taken to anyone.

The day we see social media posts that “our prayers are with …” or “our prayers are going to …” as something that minimizes or avoids liability in some way. Is alive. But as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of a family of faith, prayer is an investment in the lives and heritage of the next generation. I believe in the prayers of my parents, saying that they have transformed from a prodigal season to a surrendered life and have lived for more than 40 years. My children have seen the fruits of their grandparents and parents’ prayers in their lives. The greatest love the world has never known is to specifically ask for honest and genuine intervention, touching, blessing, and grace for our children and grandchildren. Will cover them.

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Everything I share today doesn’t have to cost you a penny, but it does take your time. No matter who your parents were or how good or bad your childhood was, you apply these principles to ensure that you leave a lasting legacy in your own family. can.

Whether you have an incredible family or are trying to turn the table into a difficult past, part of the good news of the Gospel is that God’s help and hope are now available to you. ..

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Michael W. Smith: Father’s Day Lessons – Six Principles Dad taught me about life, love and parenting

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