Mexico v Poland, Argentina stunned by Saudi Arabia

Want more soccer?of World Cup I have.

Monday’s games had more than 45 minutes of stoppage time across three the meantime British rule Iran, Holland found a way to win Senegal match in the second half and The US Men’s National Team drew 1-1 with Wales.

Lionel Messi begin his first pursuit World Cup Trophy, reigning champions France will begin their title defense against Australia on Tuesday, ending the third day of the World Cup group stage.

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Mexico prepares for kick-off at new stadium in Poland

DOHA — There are still plenty of empty seats at 974 Stadium, but almost everyone here is wearing the green jersey. Mariachi music was playing in the PA, Mexican fans were singing and waving their flags, and in true El Tori fashion, he booed loudly at all the Polish starters he was introduced to. This stadium is really funny and cool. Made out of a shipping container!

– Nancy Armor, USA TODAY Sports

Controversial Mexican international selection Raul Jimenez begins his World Cup journey off the bench against Poland. El He Tori’s Tata Martino his coach had a bit of a fever when he selected the 31-year-old striker for his team. Jimenez has not played for club side Wolverhampton Wonders since August due to a groin injury.

Jimenez will be replaced by Hirving “Chucky” Lozano, Henry Martin and Alexis Vega.

Get to know the rest of Mexico’s teams USA TODAY Sports+ Team Introduction.

Despite Denmark’s strength and Eriksen’s leadership, the Danes were unable to create many chances in goal. Tunisian goalkeeper Aimendermen blocked a late Andreas shot from Cornelius for six yards inside his box.

Five minutes of extra time is comparable to the course of this tournament.

A 90-minute soccer match turns into over 100 minutes at the World Cup. That’s what FIFA wants to give fans more entertainment.

Almost 14 minutes added to the end of Argentina’s shock 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday was the longest five first half interruptions in football at any World Cup, all since Monday, according to statistics sites. Means made in Qatar. Opta Joe.

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The Danish red jersey looks familiar at first glance, but the second view shows something else.

The country unveiled a black jersey ahead of the World Cup, along with a muted logo containing its crest and sponsors. . The black shirt, with the manufacturer’s Hummel logo gone, honors the migrant workers who died during construction work for the tournament.

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Messi, what next for Argentina?

Entering the tournament as favorites, Argentina lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in a thrilling match, ending Argentina’s 36-game unbeaten streak. In the first half, the team led by Lionel Messi led 1–0 with him and he had three goals disallowed after his call for offside.

Lionel Messi, 35, will make his fifth and possibly last World Cup appearance for Argentina. He will have to lead Argentina again against Mexico on Saturday, November 26 at 2pm ET.

With Argentina’s Group C loss with no room for error, it’s up to their fates to see what Mexico and Poland do in their first World Cup match.

sound defense. Goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais made his five saves. and second-half goals by Saleh Alshehri and Salem Aldawsari in a span of five minutes. Saudi Arabia celebrates Lionel his one of the biggest World Cup ever surprises against Messi.

Tunisia’s front three forwards – Youssef Msakni, Issam Djebali and Anis Ben Suliman – are in trouble for Danish goalkeeper Schmeichel, despite possession of just 38%.

Eriksen controlled the Danish midfield, but the Danes had no attack. In the 43rd minute, Djebali’s try, aided by Mousakni, was the Tunisian half’s best chance.

Tunisia goal ruled offside

Tunisian forward Issam Djebali made consecutive runs towards the Danish goal and stole the ball past goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel. However, the goal was disallowed because the line judge raised the flag for an offside call.

of The offside rule is responsible for countless controversial calls in football.mainly because it was completely left to the whim of human error.

In 2018, FIFA began allowing World Cup officials to review video replays to confirm calls.

Christian Eriksen led Denmark against Tunisia at the 2020 European Championship, 18 months after his heart stopped for five minutes and he underwent on-pitch CPR. Manchester His United midfielder has scored his 39 goals in 117 international appearances and is the creator of important chances for Denmark.

Argentina’s 36-game unbeaten streak Lost 2-1 to Saudi ArabiaIt will be a big blow to Messi’s hopes of winning his first World Cup.

Memories of Cameroon’s 1-0 win over Diego Maradona’s Argentine team in the 1990 World Cup opener came flooding back.

Goals from Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al-Dawsari in the fifth minute of the second half gave Saudi Arabia their biggest win.

This also included shocking results such as Senegal’s 1-0 win over then-title holders France in the opening match of the 2002 tournament, and the United States’ defeat of England by the same score in 1950. is comparable to — Associated Press

This Saudi Arabian team has fought every match. In injury time, Al Owais’ knee hit Al-Dawsari’s head in a terrifying moment. He was treated for several minutes before being stretched off the field. An additional 5 minutes can be added to an already extended game.

With eight minutes of injury time, Saudi Arabia are on the brink of their first World Cup victory.

Messi hit a poorly placed free kick into the box. It was his second strengthened set-piece after the previous kick went over the crossbar. Al-Owais made the first save at the cost of his card for Yellow. Defender Abdulella Al-Amri made a heroic save at the goal line minutes after coming on as a substitute.

Saudi Arabia continues to irritate Argentina, who managed only sparse offensive efforts in the second half. Goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Owais was solid when called up.

At the World Cup’s biggest stadium in Qatar, Saudi fans are roaring out as 12th. There is a possibility. The last time Argentina lost a World Cup after scoring the first goal was against West Germany in 1958.

Neither Lionel Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo have won a World Cup in their illustrious careers.

Former USMNT and MLS player Brian Dunseth and USA TODAY Sports+’s Emily Olsen debate. What this year’s World Cup means for Legacy Two players with the most awards in the history of gaming.

The MVP of this match was the Saudi defense. In the first half, the aggressive nature of playing at the high line to keep Argentina offside allowed Saudi Arabia to win the ball in midfield and equalize from Saleh Al-Shehri.

Five minutes later, Salem Al-Dawsari, who took over the captain’s armband, fired his own shot in front of goal to give Saudi Arabia the lead. Is there turmoil in the Middle East?

Three substitutes (Lisandro Martínez, Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernández) came in for Argentina as Scaroni tried to win back the match.

Saudi Arabia played against South American powerhouse Argentina. Argentina dominated the first half with her 63 per cent ball possession, but Saudi Arabia overturned her three-goal potential and forced her to call her offside seven times.

Saud Abdulhamid’s penalty conceded for a foul inside the penalty area was the decisive referee’s decision, resulting in the only score of the first half after Messi scored the spot kick.

Saudi Arabia captain Salman Al-Faraj was injured while limping in stoppage time of the first half. The bright side for Saudi Arabia is that he left on his own.

Argentina scored three goals in 35 minutes, all of which were ruled offside and did not count. The Scaloni-led team has so far received his seven offside calls. Saudi Arabia are using the new semi-automated technology that FIFA is using in this tournament to push their defender’s backline high on the field.

of The offside rule is responsible for countless controversial calls in football.mainly because it was completely left to the whim of human error.

In 2018, FIFA began allowing World Cup officials to review video replays to confirm calls.

Messi opened the scoring for Argentina with a penalty kick.

Can you stop a shot at 80 mph, the average speed of pro penalties? Put on the shoes of a World Cup keeper, put on your gloves and get ready. “Save the Save”.

It took Lionel Messi, one of the best players in the world, just 10 minutes to get things going in Argentina coached by Lionel Scaroni.

The referee jogged to the video review stand at 8 minutes and called a foul inside the penalty box, setting up a penalty kick for Messi. Calm, cool, calm he converted.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi has dominated the football game for over a decade. He has amassed a resume of illustrious personal and team careers. But one prize — the greatest of all — has eluded him.

Messi is not alone.many The greatest player in gaming history has never won a World Cup..

Lionel Messi may be the best player in the world, but he never won a World Cup. At least not yet. His next and possibly last chance starts Tuesday.

time: Tuesday, November 22 at 5:00 AM ET

Stadium: Lusail Stadium

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time: Tuesday, November 22 at 8:00 AM ET

Stadium: Education City Stadium

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time: Tuesday, November 22 at 11:00 AM ET

Stadium: Stadium 974

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time: Tuesday, November 22 at 2:00 PM ET

Stadium: Al Janoub Stadium

How to watch: FOX and Telemundo or Streaming Hubo TV and Peacock (Spanish) Mexico v Poland, Argentina stunned by Saudi Arabia

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