Melissa Lucio case: Texas lawmakers will hold a press conference

Lusion is scheduled to be executed on April 27.

AUSTIN, Texas – A group of bipartisan lawmakers held a press conference at the Texas Capitol on Thursday to discuss whether they support a pardon or respite for Melissa Lucio.

Lucio was convicted of killing his daughter, Mariah Alvarez, in Harlingen, Texas, 15 years ago. He is scheduled to be executed on April 27.

“We’re not saying Miss Lucio is innocent, we’re not saying she’s guilty, we’re saying the council should pardon her a little bit so we can prosecute her,” said State Secretary James White.

He said that among other problems, Lucio did not have adequate advice.

“In cases like this where there is a child’s death, there are experts who come and do research and analysis, and his lawyers decided to go to court without allowing those experts to complete their work,” White said.

Lawmakers say this will add even more pain to Lucio’s family after suffering from Mariah’s death 15 years ago.

“Justice is not restored all at once, because another person dies. Melissa’s execution will not bring peace to her surviving children. It will only bring more pain and suffering, ”said State Department spokesman Joe Moody.

In February, Lusion’s family gathered in Austin to say he was innocent and should be released. Lusion’s sister, Sonia Valencia Alvarez, said Lucio had spent the last 15 years trying to grieve his daughter, and that Lusion’s son, John Vincent Lucio, had fallen down the stairs and died accidentally.

“He had an accident. He fell. If you look at the documentary, you can see the stairs where he fell,” said John Vincent Lucio.

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Melissa Lusion’s case has attracted the attention of the country’s public. In 2020, Hulu made a documentary called “Texas vs. Melissa,” detailing how innocent she could be. Earlier this month, the popular HBO show “Last Week Tonight” discussed his case in an episode about unfair accusations.

Speakers at Thursday’s press conference included Jeff Leach (R-Allen) and Co-Moody (D-El Paso), co-chairs of the Texas House Criminal Justice Reform Group and recently appointed chairman and deputy chairman, respectively. , Interim Investigation Committee on Criminal Justice Reform. They will be joined by James White (R-Hillister), Lacey Hull (R-Houston), Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) and Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas).

They said the evidence against Lucio was worrying and at least they wanted the execution stopped.

Legislators are among dozens of Texas lawmakers who signed a letter to the Texas Pardon and Shariah Prisoners Council asking them to take action in Melissa Lucio’s case. The letter refers to significant suspicions about “Ms. Lucio’s guilt, her treatment of her husband and the defendant, who was sentenced to four years in prison, and the impact of her execution on her supporting family and community.”

According to the statement, Melissa Lucio is the first Latina to be sentenced to death in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, there are about 200 death row inmates in Texas.

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Melissa Lucio case: Texas lawmakers will hold a press conference

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