Meet the new “Saturday Night Live” cast members

All new Saturday night liveSeasons During the season, there are usually comedies that make doorways. Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt are members who have not returned to the 47th lap of the midnight beast. Instead of them SNL Three new cast members have been added: Sarah Sherman, Aristotle Athari, and James Austin Johnson. Each of these three comedians brings serious firepower. It will be interesting to start with the Owen Wilson-sponsored (insert too long wow here) premiere featuring musical guest Kacey Musgraves and see how they are used. In the meantime, here’s an introduction to why these additions are so exciting and what they bring to the table.

Sarah shamanMary Ellenma Shoes / Courtesy of NBC.

Sarah shaman

Comedy fans may recognize Sherman in her art name Sarah Squam.Sherman’s comedy follows the avant-garde culinary stream: Eric Andre Show When Tim and Eric.. Her Adult Swim infomarshall symbolizes her comedy. Completely weird, almost nightmare with the best visual bullets. Sarah has also appeared on Means TV with The Sarah Vaccine. Her addition is arguably the most exciting, as the late-night show may indicate that it’s ready to take some creative risks. (Hopefully, that doesn’t mean her humor is polished to a level that fits NBC’s mouth.) Or at least make the show’s costume department. Sweat.

Aristotle clamsMary Ellenma Shoes / Courtesy of NBC

Aristotle clams

As a member of Hasan Minhaj’s sketch group Goat face, Athari is a veteran performer with nearly 10 years of experience. HBO hit fans Silicon valley You might recognize him as a disgusting gave in the final season of the show. You can expect Athari to provide clever and novel sketches like Good Son. This sketch takes a simple idea and gives a ridiculous but cheerful twist.

James Austin JohnsonMary Ellenma Shoes / Courtesy of NBC

James Austin Johnson

This adoption could be a direct attack on Alec Baldwin, whose impression of tired Trump dragged down many of the show’s political sketches. James is a master of impressions, and his Trump (many believe to be the best) is eerily identical to his former chief.He is also a regular in the Los Angeles stand-up scene and his talent Tuka and Bertie, Better Call Sole, Hale, Caesar! , Above all. SNL It’s also a spectacular departure from the roots of comics as a Christian comedian.

Meet the new “Saturday Night Live” cast members

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