Meadows says a 1/6 panel has tried to publicly “slander” him.

WASHINGTON – Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has accused a congressional committee investigating last year’s attack on the US Capitol of leaking all text messages he provided to the panel in what he said was an attempt to blacken him publicly. .

The argument was filed on Friday in federal court in Washington, where Meadows filed a lawsuit in December to overturn summonses issued to him for his testimony and Verizon for recordings on his cell phone.

In the last motion, Meadows’ lawyers asked a judge to reject the commission’s request for an expedited decision in her favor, which would force Meadows to comply with the summons. The commission requested a timetable for an accelerated briefing on Wednesday after submitting its proposal last week.

Lawyers say Meadows deserves a chance through the fact-finding process known as discovery to gather testimony and gather other information related to controversial issues, such as the commission’s claims that former President Donald Trump did not relied on the privilege of the executive over the elements of the subpoena of the panel.


In December, the House of Representatives voted for criminal disrespect for Meadows after he stopped cooperating, taking the matter to the Ministry of Justice, which did not say whether to take action.

His proposal also accuses the commission of conducting a “long media campaign” against Meadows. Although he did not provide evidence, the commission is said to have leaked to the commission all the text messages Meadows provided.

“Congressional defendants, under the auspices of a subpoena, have led Mr Meadows to present thousands of his personal messages only to use them in a concerted and continuous effort to blacken him publicly through the media,” Meadows lawyer George Teruiliger wrote in the proposal.

The court’s court documents show that Meadows was in regular contact before January 6, 2021, with Republican allies making false allegations of election fraud and supporting the annulment of the results of the race won by President Joe Biden. A week ago, the paper cited testimony from a White House official who said Meadows had been notified in advance that there could be violence on Jan. 6.


The commission declined to comment on Meadows’ accusations against the panel on Saturday.

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Meadows says a 1/6 panel has tried to publicly “slander” him.

Source link Meadows says a 1/6 panel has tried to publicly “slander” him.

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