Mavericks-Warriors: Is Luka Doncic ill? Last state of the game 2

TNT announcer Kevin Harlan told a Bay Area radio station that he had been told Doncic was not feeling well after the first game.

DALLAS – Online rumors are circulating about the health of Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic.

Doncic was definitely not on the court, scoring 20 points on 6 of 18 shots, which is much lower than his 33.5 points per league-leading game in the postseason.

Game 1 aired Wednesday night on TNT, and the channel’s play-by-play announcer Kevin Harlan hinted to a San Francisco radio station that Doncic’s performance could be attributed to physical illness.

“I hear he’s sick today,” Harlan told Greg Papa and John Lund of KNBR on Thursday. “I guess he was awake most of the night and sick. I’ve heard it from two different people now, so I guess that’s probably true.

Harlan also told KNBR that his sources were not within the Warriors or Mavericks, and did not know if Doncic suffered from the disease during or after the game.

“The body language he showed, just the enthusiasm he showed in Game 7 [of the Western Conference semifinals] in Phoenix it wasn’t there last night, “Harlan said.” And I’m not sure if it might have been a little under the weather. [during the game]. He didn’t play like in the Suns series, that’s for sure, and he needed every gram of what he gave them, and that wasn’t obvious.

Listen to Kevin Harlan talk to KNBR about Luka Doncic below:

A high-level NBA source told Joe Trahan of the WFAA that reports of Doncic’s alleged illness were “news to me.” The source, who was around the Mavericks organization during the playoffs, told the WFAA that none of the Mavs mentioned anything about it and said Doncic looked good on Thursday.

The final report of the injury usually comes out an hour before the warning, around 7am, so we should have some clarity soon.

“I don’t want to downplay what the Warriors have done [defensively]said Harlan. “It was sound and clear, there is no ambiguity. … I’m just telling what I heard from two people that he was up all night sick and sick.

Game 2 will also air on TNT and the notice is scheduled for 20:00 CST.

Mavericks-Warriors: Is Luka Doncic ill? Last state of the game 2

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