Matt Gates’ wife calls for Barbie boycott over Barbie doll’s disappointing ‘female empowerment’, lack of ‘faith and family’ and Ken’s ‘low T’ During ~

The wife of Rep. Matt Gates has called for a boycott of the Barbie movie, citing a “lack of faith and family” as bad reviews begin to pour in after attending the release.

Ginger Gates was one of the rioters walking the pink carpet and drinking pink cocktails at the British Embassy in Washington DC on Monday.

Her husband, Matt Gates, 41, also got into the Barbie spirit and decided to wear a pink sports coat for the occasion.

But then she said she was disappointed with the film’s values ​​and blamed the star. Ryan Gosling‘s “beta energy”.

“The Barbie doll I grew up with represented endless possibilities for embracing diverse careers and female empowerment,” she tweeted.

Ginger Gates attended a Barbie doll party and screening at the British Embassy Monday night with her husband, MP Matt Gates.But she wasn't impressed with the movie

Ginger Gates attended a Barbie doll party and screening at the British Embassy Monday night with her husband, MP Matt Gates.But she wasn’t impressed with the movie

“Unfortunately, the 2023 Barbie movie doesn’t touch the concept of faith or family at all, and tries to normalize the idea that men and women can’t actively work together (horrible).”

Other attendees included members of the Washington Spirit women’s basketball team and politicians.

Those who saw the film on Monday also had the chance to hear from director Greta Gerwig during a Q&A.

The Barbie movie is set to hit theaters on July 21, with Margot, 33, leading the cast as the eponymous Barbie doll alongside her boyfriend Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, 42.

British officials see it as an opportunity to highlight the strength of the UK film industry and cash in on iconic American toys.

British Ambassador Dame Karen Pearce tweeted, “The UK is Warner Bros.’ largest base outside the US and Barbie dolls were primarily filmed in the UK.”

“A fine example of Anglo-American relations in the film industry!”

As a result, the Ambassador’s Residence, designed by Sir William Lutyens to resemble an English country house, was transformed into Barbie’s dream home.

Rose bushes hung disco balls, and guests snacked on pink burgers and sushi.

Mr. Gates posed with a giant Barbie box, one of the party guests’ centerpieces.

Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ is expected to be one of this summer’s biggest hits

Afterwards, guests watched a movie at a movie theater in Georgetown.

But movies about such beloved aspiring toys are not without controversy.

Republicans are outraged that the crayon map in the film shows the “nine-dash line” Chinese authorities use to mark China’s sovereignty over up to 90 percent of the South China Sea.

This infuriated Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Mike Gallagher, who accused Hollywood of supporting Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

Ginger Gates had another concern. Her downside, she says, is “a disappointing depiction of a big dream that provokes anxiety instead of inspiration.” The T from Ken is unfortunately low. Mistreatment of pregnant Barbie Midge.

“I really wanted to enjoy it, but I ended up feeling disappointed.”

She also criticized Gosling in a subsequent tweet, stating that “he has great beta energy in this piece.”

Left to right: Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig, Issa Rae, Sim Liu, Will Ferrell, performing at Cineworld Leicester Square in London on July 12, 2023 Attended the European premiere of ‘Barbie’

But Republicans are outraged that the film shows the “nine-dash line” that China uses to claim territorial claims in the South China Sea.

However, she praised Robbie’s performance, costume design, and soundtrack.

The film has been hailed by critics for breaking away from the money-making potential of cynical marketing.

despite this, Sarah Vine of the Daily Mail Her 20-year-old daughter, Bee, wrote that she “loved every moment” but was unconvinced.

In his review, Vine said, “My main criticism, really, has nothing to do with the subject matter.”

“Barbie or not, it’s not a very good movie per se. It’s uneven and disjointed, the plot doesn’t really make sense, and the hand of American corporate death weighs heavily on it.” .

“But my main objection is that ‘Barbie’ is not really a movie about Barbie at all.

“It’s an hour and fifty-four minute long misandry, adorned with some fun dance routines and a (pretty decent) joke or two.

“All male characters are either idiots, bigots, or sad, pathetic losers.

“If the roles were reversed and a male director made a film in which all the women were hysterical, nervous and gold-digging witches, it would rightfully be denounced as grossly offensive and sexist. .”

Vine concludes his review by saying, “This is all just a little bit of a well thought out soup.” Would that make me like Barbie?

‘of course not. But I felt a little sympathy for those who support this nonsense, and for young people who grew up in a world that told them they were worthless. ”

Long-awaited movie star Margot Robbie attends photocall in London on July 13, 2023

Director Greta Gerwig attends the ‘Barbie’ European premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on July 12

The World of Barbie: The Barbie Movie is set to hit theaters July 21, with Margot, 33, leading the cast as the eponymous Barbie doll alongside her boyfriend Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, 42. .

British journalist and film critic Brian Viner took his 24-year-old son Jacob to see the film earlier this week.

Contributing to the Daily MailViner said that the jokes directed at Ken’s misery in the film began to “wear off” by the end.

He said, “Yes, Barbie is fun.” Yes, it makes you laugh and it might make you think. But from where Jacob and I sat, your life doesn’t change, maybe your summer, maybe even your week. ”

Viner continued, “About the male species in Barbieland, Barbie is having a great day every day, she added. ‘But Ken is having a great day because Barbie is him.’ It’s only when you watch

“Man, you know the joke. You even laugh at it. But gradually it starts to fade not because it’s not funny or irrelevant, but because fundamentally it’s the only thing in this movie.” Because it increases the recognition that it is a joke.

“The Kens at Barbieland are all second-class citizens, banging their heads against the glass ceiling. Their very existence is an afterthought, an accessory to Barbie, just like the original Ken from 1961.”

America Ferrera and Margot Robbie attend the European premiere of ‘Barbie’ in London

In his review for the Daily Mail, Viner wrote that the film’s greatest irony is that Gosling as Ken steals the lead.

Viner continued, “Jacob was puzzled by Rhea Perlman’s mysterious old man character, who turned out to be Ruth Handler, the woman who created Barbie dolls and was the first president of Mattel. found.

“It’s over-the-top self-important fanfare. The bigger problem is that the laughter relies on the over-repackaged one-note joke that Barbieland is the real world flipped on its head.

“I can’t honestly say that Jacob and myself felt attacked by this.

“He thinks patriarchy is a fair policy. I understand that there is a big tilted balance.

“Having said that, on behalf of my much-maligned gender, may I confess a tiny bit of satisfaction, because the real ghost of this pink pixie cake feast is Gosling. It’s because you’re stealing every scene that appears.”

The movie coming out later this week will be the first live-action movie to feature fashion dolls

The film has been touted as one of the biggest movies of the year and there are concerns that Barbie is becoming disillusioned with the challenges of being a real woman.

“What a shocking irony that Barbie doll’s biggest and best laugh comes from Ken.”

Othersccritics who saw this movie shared an opinion about rotten tomatoOne person called this highly anticipated movie “one of the funniest movies of the year.”

Critics also praised director Greta Gerwig, 39, for achieving a “pleasant balance between the silly and the serious”.

Richard Roper of the Chicago Sun-Times said, “This is a truly original piece. One of the smartest, funniest, sweetest, most insightful, and just plain entertaining movies of the year.” said enthusiastically.

“This is a wonderfully fun watch that was able to both celebrate and satirize the Barbie brand at the same time. Like gopcore sandals and a fluffy pink skirt, it combines feminism and girliness,” Alice of Time Out said. Saville writes. Matt Gates’ wife calls for Barbie boycott over Barbie doll’s disappointing ‘female empowerment’, lack of ‘faith and family’ and Ken’s ‘low T’ During ~

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