March Madness 2022: Dara Mabrey’s 29 points help Notre Dame run ahead of Oklahoma

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Notre Dame jumped into the Oklahoma home, played the Sooners ’up-tempo style and won.

Dara Mabrey picked up the 29th high of the season, and the five-seed Fighting Irish swam ahead of Oklahoma’s four-seed 108-64 on Monday night to earn a place in the Women’s Sweet 16.

Mabrey made 11 of 19 pitches, including seven points 3. She set the tone, scoring 17 points in the first quarter against a third -place Oklahoma team. counting and he built his name by striving for speed.

“That’s a big reason – just pushing, kicking, throwing the ball because we know no one in the country can go with us, and when we do that, it’s not possible. when we’re arrested, “said Notre Dame warden Olivia Miles.

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Notre Dame guard Dara Mabrey (1) prepares to shoot a 3-point basket in the first half of the second-half game against Oklahoma in the NCAA women’s football tournament on Monday, March 21, 2022, at Norman, Okla.
(AP Photo/ Mitch Alcala)

Sonia Citron scored 25 points and Maya Dodson added 20 for Notre Dame (24-8). According to Stats by STATS, Notre Dame became the first team, male or female, to win the top team by at least 40 points.

It was Notre Dame’s most complete game of the season.

“The whole game, like the running and our offense, that’s what I thought until we were fast, and we shot well in the circle,” said Notre Dame coach. Niele Ivey. “We did well in the shooting selection, went out. We started the game in, we ran. Then defensively, our level went up. We raised our level against a very good wrestling team. . “

It was the first Sweet 16 dream for Ivey, a two -year teacher. The Irish Fighting went 10-10 and lost the tournament last season, so this season’s run is even better.

“This is something I prayed for, something I knew could be lived, and I was happy for the moon,” Ivey said. “I think I’m proud of this team. I’m proud of our trip. I’m proud to see where we’ve come from last season.”

The Fighting Irish will play No. 1 North Carolina State on Saturday in a Bridgeport Regional semifinals. The Wolfpack beat Kansas State 89-57 on Monday.

Taylor Robertson scored 19 points for Oklahoma (25-9). Skylar Vann had 11 points, nine rebounds and 11 points and Liz Scott for the Sooners. Oklahoma made 28 searches and shot only 32.3% from the floor.

Notre Dame led 13-7 before Mabrey got a 12 straight to give the Fighting Irish a lead at 18. She put in her last three points during the run. To put Notre Dame ahead 25-7.

Mabrey made 5 of 6 3-pointers in the first quarter. The Fighting Irish shot 56.5% during the start to lead 35-12 heads in the second.

Oklahoma didn’t take good care of Notre Dame’s first move.

“I think sometimes when we go down that much, we try to get everything back at once, and then that’s kind of the reason things go wrong,” Robertson said. “Then maybe we can think of that, and then something bad comes along, and it’s kind of an iceberg for us, and we can do a better job of responding to that. “

Notre Dame led 60-25 at half-time. That was the highest number the Fighting Irish took in half in a tournament game. Mabrey had 19 points and 17 Citron before the break. Robertson scored 15 points in the first half for Oklahoma, but the rest of the Sooners scored 10 points on a 4-for-27 shootout. The Sooners shot 24.2% before the break.

Notre Dame led 85-47 at the head in the fourth quarter. The Irish Fighting hit the 100 mark on Dodson’s quick break with four minutes left.

“I think Notre Dame is amazing, and if they can keep up the good work, watch out, everyone,” Oklahoma coach Jennie Baranczyk said. “We need to get better, and we’re not. It’s up to us as a mentor to be unprepared.”


Notre Dame: Irish Fighting used high sporting power to make the Sooners 34-8 better at fast-paced breaks and used his great skill and knowledge of Miles to use the post game and set up shots fired out.

Oklahoma: It was a tough season for Baranczyk, but it was a humbling result for a Sooners team that had four Top 25 wins and swept Baylor in regular time. Looking to the future. Robertson, an old man, said after the game he would return next year for five years.


One game after seeing a double, Miles almost got another game.

The new guard had nine points, seven rebounds and 12 assists against Oklahoma. In two games at Norman, he averaged 10.5 points, 9.0 rebounds and 11.5 assists.


Dara Mabrey recorded Marina Mabrey’s school record for 3-pointers in a competitive game. Marina has seven to 16 wins over Texas A&M in 2018.

Dara hopes to hear about it from her sister, who plays professionally in Australia and also plays for the WNBA’s Dallas Wings.

“Marina, if you hear this, I’ll break your story sometime,” Dara said.


Notre Dame’s Maddy Westbeld had 16 points on 56% shooting in two games at Norman. He averaged seven rebounds and two steals.

March Madness 2022: Dara Mabrey’s 29 points help Notre Dame run ahead of Oklahoma

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