Male tennis player investigating LGBTQ attitudes and environment

Approximately 60 players on the Men’s Professional Tennis Tour have so far participated in an anonymous online survey on LGBTQ issues. ATPCEO Massimo Calveri calls it “part of a” broader initiative “to build a comprehensive environment for players and staff. There is versatility and it is very safe and welcoming. ”

“Statistically, it’s a bit unusual for the Associated Press tour to have no openly gay players. In today’s world, I thought this was an area worth taking a proactive approach. What’s a better way to do that than trying to figure out where we are today, “said the Associated Press video interview. week. “Are there any hurdles? Is there anything in terms of culture, behavior or attitude that puts people in a position where they don’t want to be open?”

According to ATP spokesman Mark Epps, links to more than 30 questions will be emailed to about 500 single-player and 250 double-player players in August, and the tour will end the survey at the end of September. It is said that.


The tour also recruited volunteers for a one-on-one interview.

The study contacted Pride Sports, a UK-based group of ATP, whose website “challenge homosexuality, biphobia, and transphobia in sports and improve LGBT + people’s access to sports. It was created after saying “I will.”

Pride Sports commissioned researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia to develop the study.

Eric Denison, a behavioral science researcher at Monash, said: “It’s always the opposite, the LGBT community approached sports and said,’I need to do something about this issue,’ and (sports) … was dragged into the journey. Or there is a crisis in sports. ”

His description of ATP’s approach: “Hey, we want to do more than just make a rainbow. We really do what it should do to make it meaningful and drive change. I want to understand. ”


“I don’t think anyone denies that homosexuality is a tennis issue, like any other sport,” Denison said.

Male athletes from US professional teams rarely appear publicly during their activities. In June, Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Karl Nashib became the first NFL player. A prospective Nashville Predators went in July, but there are no active NHL players.

NBA player Jason Collins played shortly after the league’s season ended in 2013 and retired after playing the following year. Billy Beane came out after retiring as a baseball player. He is currently working as a VP and Inclusion Ambassador in Major League Baseball.

The ATP study itself could help change culture, Denison said.


“I don’t know how many straight guys wake up,” he said. “And while they brush their teeth,” Are gay people okay with tennis? “

The ATP survey contains links to surveys by the International Olympic Committee and the American Society of Sports Medicine. “If sports culture doesn’t welcome gay and bisexual people, it can have a negative impact on everyone’s mental health and sports performance,” the study found.

Survey excerpt:

— Are you gay, bisexual, don’t know / other? … If you identify it as one of the above, it is very valuable to learn more about your experience.

— How many active professional male tennis players do you personally know about being gay?

— How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Jokes about other people’s races and ethnicities are common in men’s tennis. … jokes about gay people are common in men’s tennis. … in men’s tennis, jokes about women are common. … sexuality is not important in men’s tennis. Gay people should keep it a secret. … homosexual disgust is a problem of professional men’s tennis.


—Why do you think a gay player will make more, less, or the same money from a sponsor?

— What percentage of professional tennis players are uncomfortable or reject gay tennis players? Please be honest.

Other topics include factors that contribute most to the lack of openly gay active professional male tennis players, whether respondents agree with the ATP’s desire to “fight against homosexual aversion in sports”, “gay or “Public support for bisexual tennis players” was included.

Once the results are collected, Monash will pass the statistical analysis to Pride Sports, which will provide ATP with suggestions on which programs it can adopt, according to Denison.

“We need to be open-minded,” said Calvelli on the tour. “Whatever the recommendation, we must take it seriously.”


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Male tennis player investigating LGBTQ attitudes and environment

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