Magnitude-7.5 earthquake hits northern Peru

Lima – A preliminary magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck northern Peru early Sunday, damaging some buildings and blocking some roads with rubble.

Although the quake was very strong, it was relatively deep, measuring 112 kilometers (70 miles), which usually reduced the likelihood of damage or casualties.

The quake occurred at 5:52 am (Greenwich Mean Time 1052) and had its epicenter in the Amazon region, 42 km (26 miles) northwest of the coastal city of Barranka. According to the US Geological Survey, the magnitude was 7.5.

Mayor Walterkarki told RPP Radio in Peru that part of a 16th-century church in the Laharka district of the Amazon region had collapsed and three people were slightly injured.

Some highways in the Amazonas and Kahamalka regions of Peru have been blocked by falling stones, and swaying has been felt nearly 800 km (500 miles) in the capital of Lima, and some are now cautiously leaving their homes. bottom.


The neighboring church in Loja, Ecuador, was also partially damaged.

Earthquakes are common in Peru. Peru is located in the Ring of Fire, where 85% of the planet’s seismic activity occurs.

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Magnitude-7.5 earthquake hits northern Peru

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