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“These films reach a much wider audience. More people will know August Wilson’s name and what his job is,” said Wilson’s widow and execution of his property. Says Constanta Romero. “Unfortunately, they are talking to the plight of African Americans today.”

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is unique in the Century Cycle. Set in Chicago in 1927, this is the only hotel outside Pittsburgh. Wilson’s plays all hum with the sad beauty of the blues, but “Ma Rainey” is soaked in. On a sweaty summer day, the band gathered in a white-owned recording studio to set a new record with Ma Rainey (Davis). , The pioneering “Mother of the Blues”, and the woman who was rudely released from the South. Rainey was openly bisexual and proudly rebellious, despite the world of Jim Crow.

“I tend to be more timid, more shy, and perhaps more anxious in my life,” says Davis. “She’s everything I don’t. She’s not the one who feels she needs to quarrel for her job. She knows she’s right. She knows why she’s right. I know exactly. She hasn’t apologized for her sexuality, so when I put it on, I felt my hips sway more. Make Ma Rainey easier to walk on her heels than the viola. I even felt. “

Despite the title, the central and central character of the play is the ambitious trumpet player Chadwick Boseman, his final, who renewed Rainey’s music and the big dream of breaking out on his own. Performance). As Boseman played, he is a painfully tragic person, suffering from slavery trauma while grasping an unreachable future. In this way, he represents the struggle 100 years ago, as it is today.

“Ma Rainey” Channels August Wilson’s Blues | National News

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