MA city council apologizes after being accused of “racial violence” in Halloween costumes

Massachusetts politicians said after a two-year-old Halloween photo emerged as an Asian spa worker to make fun of patriot owner Robert Kraft, who was involved in sexual trafficking. Stabbed at a massage shop in 2019 accused of “species violence”.

Molden City Council member Jadeon Sika wears a bamboo hat and an “Asian orchid” T-shirt (a spa where Kraft allegedly seeks sex) and her husband John in a patriot sweatshirt. It was taken next to. Facebook photos have the caption “Happy End Happy Halloween!”.

Kraft removed cheating last year, but Wednesday the Greater Molden Asian-American Community Union called on politicians with her “harmful, racist, and ignorant” photographs.

“Our culture, our people, and our pain are not costumes,” the statement read. “Our youth, especially our young women, should not be seen being represented and ridiculed in this way by elected officials in our town. This is racial violence: someone Diversion of Asian identity for entertainment.

Jadeane Sica, along with her husband John, was furious at her Halloween photo that reappeared on Wednesday.

According to The Boston Globe, Malden, a suburb north of Boston, has a population of 61,000, of which about 22.5 percent are Asian.

The deer apologized shortly after a protest from a local group.

“Two years ago, John and I attended a Halloween party in costumes that highlighted what the current news event was like at the time. Specifically, Patriots owner Robert Kraft was illegal with a sex worker. It’s a famous case of being involved in a massage parlor in Florida, “she wrote in a statement.

“Since then, many, including myself, are far from the fact that women involved in such incidents are very often vulnerable members of the Asian community who are victims of exploitation. I started to notice, “she continued.

Deer was ridiculing Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was involved in a sex trafficking investigation before all charges were withdrawn.

Deer was ridiculing Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who was involved in a sex trafficking investigation before all charges were withdrawn.

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The councilor also said that he “loves people of all backgrounds, races and religions from the bottom of his heart” and that “bad faith” was not necessarily a “necessary factor” to “hurt others.”

She promised to “do better” and said she was “enlightened” about the choice of costume.

On her Facebook page, she says,

On her Facebook page, she says, “I can do better, I can do better,” and “I truly love people of all backgrounds, races, and religions.”

“Looking back at costume choices through more enlightened lenses, I can see what I haven’t seen right now. It can be harmful for costumes that somehow portray another culture. , In my case, is to send inconsistent messages How I have lived in public and private life.

“I can and will do better,” she wrote.

The group is now calling on Deer to “throw her support behind policies and plans to support members of the People of Color, immigrants,” a joint statement said.

Many of her politician colleagues also lamented her choice of costume, but one suggested she would apologize.

Councilor Debbie Demaria said she feels that the deepest human interaction is the power of our words. Our actions are more eloquent than our words, but verbal apologies recognize our personal failures, become humble and center us. And certainly you can recover a broken relationship.

State Senator Jason Lewis and State Assembly members Paul Donato, Kate Ripper Galavedian, and Stephen Altorino thanked the group for their “courageous” remarks.

“Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We strongly condemn actions that hurt or downplay racial, religious, or ethnic minority groups,” they said. rice field.

“We also pledge to support and continue our efforts to pass Massachusetts legislation that promotes racial justice and equity in schools, institutions and communities … to dismantle. It is important that we all strive to be supporters, not passive bystanders. Systematic racial discrimination in Molden and elsewhere.

Robert Kraft (photo)

Robert Kraft (photo)

Councilor Steve Wynnlow accused the deer and asked for an apology.

“I hope that Deer Councilor, who has worked to eliminate sexual activity in his neighborhood, apologizes for her choice and works with her. [Greater Malden Asian American Community Coalition] Confronting such depictions and groups that help protect victims of sexual exploitation, “he said.

The Boston Globe reported that a deer broke the rules of social distance in May 2020 when it hosted an outdoor party in a parking lot attended by dozens of people.

A petition for her resignation has begun. She later apologized for the party.

The Orchids of Asia, located in Jupiter, Florida, was one of several massage parlors attacked by federal authorities on suspicion of sexual trafficking.

Investigators said women in the parlor believed that they would come to the United States from China on a temporary work visa and receive permanent work upon arrival, but instead began working in a parlor that doubled as a prostitution place.

Kraft has been accused of seeking sex, and the video showed him at the spa.

But his The lawyer alleged that police misleaded the judge who issued the investigation warrant to install the camera in the parlor, and asked the judge to abandon his video from the evidence.

Assistant state lawyer Greg Kridos disputed this claim, claiming that the spa had “all the looks” of sex trafficking, but there is ample evidence to support the allegations of sex trafficking. I also admitted that I didn’t.

MA city council apologizes after being accused of “racial violence” in Halloween costumes

Source link MA city council apologizes after being accused of “racial violence” in Halloween costumes

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