Lyft, Uber to cover legal costs for drivers sued under Oklahoma abortion law

Lyft President John Timer (right) and CEO Logan Green appear on Lyft’s Nasdaq lists at the March 29, 2019 IPO in Los Angeles.

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This week, Lyft and Uber said they will fully cover the legal costs for their drivers, which have been sued under Oklahoma’s expected restrictive abortion law.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma House passed a Texas-style ban that bans most abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy – a period of time before many women even found out they were pregnant. The so-called Oklahoma Heartbeat Act is now being passed to Republican Governor Kevin Steet, who is expected to sign it in a few days.

Like Texas law, people who help with the procedure, including doctors, people who pay for the procedure, and clinic staff are at risk. This includes drivers who can be punished for transporting women to abortion clinics, where they can be fined up to $ 10,000. Activists and providers of abortion rights argue that these laws actually repeal the protection measures established in 1973 in Rowe v. Wade.

“Women’s access to health care is under attack again, this time in Oklahoma,” Lyft CEO Logan Green told twitter statement. “Lyft drivers get in the middle again just for taking people where they need to go. We believe that transport should not be an obstacle to access to medical care, and it is our duty to support both our riders and drivers. “

Lyft and Uber first announced protection for drivers in Texas after its restrictive abortion law went into effect in September. Ridershar companies are now expanding their assistance to drivers in Oklahoma.

“As in Texas, we intend to cover all legal costs for any driver who sues under this law while they are driving,” an Uber CNBC spokesman said in an email.

In addition, for women in Oklahoma and Texas who seek help with abortions outside the state, Lyft is working with healthcare partners to create a “safe state” program that will cover transportation costs at airports and clinics.

Lyft will also cover travel expenses for its employees who are credited for medical benefits in the U.S. that include coverage of planned abortions when laws require travel outside of Texas or Oklahoma to seek help.

“This law is incompatible with people’s basic rights to privacy, our community principles, the spirit of riding and our values ​​as a company,” Lyft said in a blog post.

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Lyft, Uber to cover legal costs for drivers sued under Oklahoma abortion law

Source link Lyft, Uber to cover legal costs for drivers sued under Oklahoma abortion law

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