Luka was injured in Game 4 of the Mavericks

The series drew 2-2 with Round 5 in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Dallas — A white Dallas Mavericks towel that covers all seats purchased at the American Airlines Center on Sunday night.

As the Mavericks stood on the floor in Game 4 with the Los Angeles Clippers, the home crowd stood up, screamed, and shook a white towel.

About 18,000 fans are waving about 18,000 famous white flags.

Game 4 didn’t end until 11:01 CST, but it went on.

The Clippers visited outperformed the Mavericks in each quarter, winning an overwhelming 106-81 victory and a series-changing victory.

Los Angeles jumped behind Kawhi Leonard (29 points) and Paul George (20 points), and the Clippers drew the series 2-2.

Mavericks all-star Luka Doncic questioned Sunday’s match after suffering a strain on the cervical spine in Round 3.

There is no doubt that you will wear an athletic strap around your left shoulder, but I was wondering how effective it was.

It didn’t take long to find out.

In the first quarter, the 22-year-old scored four points and flipped the ball twice.

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The second to fourth quarters didn’t get much better.

“I played terrible,” Doncic refused to blame the injury after the match.

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle elaborated on Luka’s discomfort.

“He is suffering,” Carlyle said. “To me, he didn’t seem to turn to the left. He couldn’t see to the left. It’s difficult for a man who has been spinning his head and playing life.”

Doncic finished the game 24 to 9 from the field with 19 points (38%).

He shot seven 3-point shots.

He fired five free throws.

As talented as Mavericks, but not enough to beat the veteran Clippers in playoff games when their young superstars spend the night.

Carlyle said: “We have to work on better defense. It’s clear.”

Mavericks divides life and death by three points.

When they knock them down, the defenders must be completely closed to the border, making it nearly impossible to defeat them.

And when the defender gets that close, lanes are opened for easy layups, and open 3 swing paths are opened.

Sprinkling a bunch of pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop is an attack by Luka-led Mavericks.

Here’s how the Mavericks filled the Clippers in games 1 and 2.

But if three points aren’t dropped, and if Luka’s superhero isn’t enough, the Mavericks look lost and unsure.

Here’s how the Clippers afflicted the Mavericks in games 3 and 4.

Many questions await the Mavericks in Los Angeles.

3 How does Luka feel after a night’s rest?

How long does the pain in the neck and nerves last?

What can Mavericks do defensively to limit Leonard and George without giving up on the Wide Open Three?

Bad news: Dallas has blown away the 2-0 series lead and lost home-court advantage.

Good news: Anyway, they are better on the street.

Mavericks has not won the home playoffs since April 26, 2015.

They get another shot when they return to AAC for Game 6 on Friday night.

Please leave the white towel at home.

Luka was injured in Game 4 of the Mavericks

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