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Shadows of residents cast on the wall next to the memorial outside the Old National Bank after the April 12, 2023 mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky. On the morning of April 10, gunmen opened fire inside the former National Bank building, killing four and wounding eight. A fifth victim later died in hospital. (Photo by Michael Swensen/Getty Images)

OAN Sophia Flores
Updated 2:05 PM – Friday, April 14, 2023

The family of 25-year-old Conor Sturgeon, who killed five collages at a bank branch in downtown Louisville on Monday, will undergo a brain exam for chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

CTE is a type of brain degeneration likely caused by recurrent concussions. This condition can lead to anxiety and depression. It can also cause severe mood swings. Sturgeon’s family believes he had three major concussions in his lifetime. Sturgeon described himself on Instagram as “Mr. Concussion.

LMPD Deputy Director Paul Humphrey made the announcement.

“There’s going to be a thorough investigation into the shooter’s background, both criminally and investigatively, mental health issues, physical issues,” Humphrey said Friday. I hope when it’s over you’ll have some understanding and profile of what caused this to happen… so we can find out.”

People diagnosed with CTE report symptoms as early as their 20s.

Sturgeon opened fire on Monday morning. He shot eight people and killed five before police killed him in a standoff in the bank lobby. (57), Jim Tutt (64) and Juliana Farmer (45).

Two police officers who responded quickly and bravely to the scene were injured. Officer Nicholas Wilt had recently graduated from officer training. He was on his fourth shift as a police officer. Wilt was shot in his head. He is currently in critical condition. Officer Cory Galloway, grazed on the left side, fired the fatal shot.

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