Loss of Trump complicates Pence’s political future

Washington – For Mike Pence, President Donald Trump’s second term was a 2024 ticket to the Republican front runner position.

But with Trump’s defeat after Pence spent the last four years as his most loyal soldier and enthusiastically campaigning for him last year, the Vice President fought a much more uncertain future. I am. The situation is further complicated by Trump’s refusal to accept the defeat and four years later running himself again to have a private affair.

It is the act of balancing the pence. He can’t run the risk of alienating supporters of the president who wants to see Trump-and the vice president-and continues to fight. But Pence also runs the risk of damaging his own brand if he is too closely in line with the unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting.

“Pence is trying to move between presidential mines that claim full loyalty and protect his options for his own political future,” said Trump’s prominent Republican donor and supporter of Trump. Said Dan Everhart.

“Republicans looking to run for public office in the next four years are definitely looking at it and trying to understand in which direction the political wind is blowing,” Everhart said.

Pence has remained largely out of public since the beginning of last Wednesday, when Trump went on stage at the White House election monitoring party and falsely claimed he had won. In less than a minute, Pence did not specifically reflect the president’s claim to victory, despite promising to “protect the integrity of the vote.”

“We will continue to fight until all legal votes have been counted and all illegal votes have been abandoned,” Pence said in a speech to a conservative youth in Virginia on Friday. No evidence of a good vote was shown. “And whatever the final outcome of the process, I promise you: we will never stop fighting to make America great again.”

Another Trump ally recently appeared at a press conference, confessing unsupported allegations of fraudulent elections and interviewing him, but Pence attended a ceremony to offer a wreath of Veterans Day and a private Senate luncheon. Only seen. He planned to take a vacation in Florida, but canceled due to bad weather and circumstances.

After Pence praised Trump and turned Trump Speak into a more palatable one, allies expect him to approach in much the same way in the next ten turbulent weeks: pay close attention, Minimize sunlight between him and the president. Betting can be higher than ever, but this is a familiar challenge.

It is widely believed that Pence has the ambitions of his own president, but he has always been vigilant when publicly asked about his plans. The aide claims that this year is focusing solely on 2020. To be sure, few, if any, have worked hard to secure Trump for the second term.

Between January 1st and Election Day, Pence made 107 trips on behalf of the President. This includes 7 times to Michigan, 11 times to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and 13 times to Florida. There were dozens of bus tours, appearances in the Make America Great Again rally, events with Trump women, Trump Latino Americans, Trump evangelicals, Trump farmers and ranchers, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He sat down in a whopping 220 regional media interviews, including 40 in October alone.

More than any other member of the 2024 Republican candidate field, Pence’s future is tied to Trump’s future. The president’s enthusiasm for running can put him in an unacceptable place if he is eventually forced to make the almost unthinkable decision to oppose his former boss.

Even if Trump stands aside, questions remain about Pence’s proceedings. Proponents believe he combines approval Trump Stamps with support between influential evangelical and conservative voters in early voting states like Iowa. But others see him carrying all of Trump’s luggage without charisma. He will also turn 65 on the 2024 election day and wonder if the party wants to appoint another white man in his 60s or 70s.

Still, “The best place to get into the Republican Party is to benefit Trump’s non-personal Trump police, and that almost explains Mike Pence,” Trump’s 2016 campaign said. Says Barry Bennett, a longtime Republican strategist who worked.

Regarding Mr. Trump’s baggage, Bennett said: “It’s important to remember that the Republicans choose candidates. And there’s no trump card. They love him.”

Prior to the election, Pence’s aide was discussing plans to build a political system for the Vice President in case the Vice President decides to run for 2024. Then, before and after the 2022 election, he decided whether to move forward.

His ally, Pence, is already ahead of others in the crowded Republican arena, so he has time to take a wait-and-see approach. They point out that Pence already has close friends with a deep funding network that includes political action commissions, the Great American Commission, and many of the governors of the country.

John Thompson, a spokesman for Pence and formerly a Republican Governor’s Association, said, “He is now a blessing of time when he can go ahead and assemble small devices for potential execution. I think I have. ” “So he has time to actually see what Trump and others are doing.”

Pence spent four years as Governor of Indiana before joining Trump’s ticket, and before that he spent six terms in Congress. He currently does not own a house. In the short term, he is expected to spend some time on money-making ventures, including paid speeches and potentially writing books.

But for now, even if he’s not a public champion, he seems to be willing to work on Trump’s efforts to question the integrity of the election.

At a private Senate luncheon on Tuesday, when Pence received a long standing ovation, he told attendees that he wanted to continue to chair the Senate and thought he would become the Vice President of the United States. He signaled a campaign planning to use all legal remedies to challenge the election results and did not provide details about the alleged fraud, but roamed the legal strategy. He also did not shed any further light on his personal political future, according to those familiar with the conference, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as the event was supposed to be private.

If Trump himself, as widely expected, continues to smoke over his defeat, even when he is preparing to resign, Pence can still be the face of an orderly transfer of power. ..

Later on Friday, he was expected to renew his conservative allies and see what he could do if the Republicans maintained a majority in the Senate, a majority in the House of Representatives, and ruled the state legislature. It was.


Associated Press writers Alan Fram of Washington and Aamer Madhani of Chicago contributed to this report.

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Loss of Trump complicates Pence’s political future

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