Los Angeles pilot finally captures elusive “jetpack man” in video

An unidentified flying man in Los Angeles was finally captured in a video – a jetpack soared 3,000 feet over Palos Verdes near Catalina Island.

The mysterious aviator was discovered at least twice in the summer and fall, but now there is a video posted on the Instagram account of the local aviation school, Sling Pilot Academy.

A video that the school said recorded by one of the flight instructors on Monday seems to show a lonely man sailing over water off the California coast.

FBI investigation report of “jetpack man” flying near Los Angeles International Airport

It looks like someone in some sort of suit, but the school said it wasn’t 100% certain that the flyer was really a mysterious sky intruder.

“The video seems to show a jetpack, but it could be a drone or other object,” the school admitted. “If it’s a’jetpack guy’, is it a legitimate test flight (the jetpack is real-there is a manufacturer near Los Angeles) or recently related to jetpack sightings near LAX It is unknown if it is doing it caused confusion in air traffic. “

Another jetpack was reported flying near LAX

Local police, the FBI, and the Federal Aviation Administration announced an investigation in early September after discovering a suspected 3,000-foot jetpack traveler near Los Angeles International Airport in August. Crew members of two separate airlines reported sightings, but there was no video at the time.

A crew member of another airline reported witnessing it in mid-October. This time it’s 6,000 feet.

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Bradford Betz and Frank Miles of Fox News contributed to this report.

Los Angeles pilot finally captures elusive “jetpack man” in video

Source link Los Angeles pilot finally captures elusive “jetpack man” in video

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