Looking at the start of the season – Dallas Cowboys (2021)

The NFL season is finally underway, with the team we’re looking at today kicking off the action, the Dallas Cowboys as they took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and though the Cowboys didn’t quite get off to the start they would have wanted it’s safe to say they still had a very good run out and gave a solid showing of themselves as well as the fact the NFL have admitted they made a mistake on a play that could’ve potentially given the Cowboys the win, but we’ll get into that in a little bit!

The Cowboys have started the season relatively well, they’ve played 2 games with their 3rd gameweek coming up tonight (Monday 27th September) as I said they lost away to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, however they lost that road game by a score of 31-29, but does the end result tell the entire tale of the game? No, actually, it doesn’t. The Cowboys were absolutely in that game and they very easily could have won it.

Dak Prescott getting hyped up for the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes, they had a field goal attempt fall short, yes they conceded a pretty rapid touch down at the back end of the first half from the Buccaneers Antonio Brown, but at the end of that first half, something in particular happened that everyone is now focusing on. It happened during their second last possession, following an interception from Trevon diggs Dallas took over the possession around the Tampa 20 yard line, in the end they didn’t capitalise on the interception going three and out before they settled for a field goal from Greg Zuerlein.

However, it was what happened on the third down play, sorry after the third down play that made many Cowboys fans upset and neutral fans confused. Dak Prescotts attempted pass likely should’ve been intercepted by Lavonte David, but it wasn’t and David was SO upset that he removed his helmet and slammed it down on the field in anger. To most fans, they would say that’s pretty clear unsportsmanlike conduct which results in a penalty. The refereeing team that covered the game however didn’t agree, they didn’t call a penalty. Dallas ended up kicking a field goal instead which pretty much cost the Cowboys the game. Now I’m a firm believer of not leaving the fate of a game in the hands of the officials, put it to bed, but that’s just me.

Lavonte David escaped punishment for his unsportsmanlike conduct DURING the game against the Cowboys.

A few days after the game, National Insider for the NFL Network and NFL.Com tweeted saying “#Bucs LB Lavonte David was fined $12,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct, taking off his helmet and slamming it after a near-interception in the opener against the#Cowboys. No flag was thrown.” It took the NFL 9 days to come to the decision that yes, they got the on field decision wrong, however is that really good enough? If a flag was thrown, the Cowboys are back on first down, if they score a touchdown from the reset simply put the Cowboys don’t lose this game by 2 points.

In their second game of the season, the Cowboys kinda ran away with things early winning the first quarter 14-3, they went into cruise control at that point causing their lead to slip bit by bit before kicking back into gear in the 4th to take the game 20-17, they went from a game that could’ve been a breeze given their fantastic first quarter, into a super nervy affair, it’s worth noting however that the Cowboys weren’t favourites going into this game. Why is that worth noting? Well…

For the first time this season the Cowboys are the favourites going into a game, whether NFL futures bets will also have them as favourites in the coming weeks remains to be seen, but being the favourites this week should be a huge confidence boost in my opinion. Will the team see it that way? Who knows, it’s a pretty well known fact that some athletes THRIVE being seen as the underdog, the ability to prove fans, reporters or other professionals wrong really gives them a kick up the backside!

Well, there we have it, that just about covers the start of the season for the Dallas Cowboys, question for Cowboys fans, how pleased are you with what you’ve seen so far? Where do you think the Cowboys need to strengthen and what do YOU think their current strengths are? Are you hopeful your boys will do well this season or do you think they’ll fall short. There’s one thing for sure, I’m glad competitive football is back, preseason was good and all but there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a high stakes NFL game! Until next time, take care everybody!

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