Live updates Ukraine: Russia can focus on chemical sites

LVIV, Ukraine – The Ukrainian military warns that Russia could focus on the country’s chemical industry.

The statement by Ukraine’s General Staff was not immediately explained in a report Tuesday. However, this comes after oil depots and other industrial sites came under Russian shelling during the war.

The military said: “The possibility of sabotage in Ukraine’s chemical industry with additional charges against parts of Ukraine’s armed forces is not ruled out.



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LVIV, Ukraine – Satellite images analyzed by the Associated Press show two ships off Snake Island, Ukraine, just before 3pm on Monday.

Images from Planet Labs PBC show that one appears to be a landing ship to the east and the other is a ship with two smaller rafts near it. Ukraine has repeatedly attacked Russian positions there recently, suggesting that Russian forces may be trying to recruit personnel or remove personnel from the Black Sea island.

Satellite images also show intense fires in Russian-held territory in southern Ukraine on Monday.

The cause of the fires is not immediately clear. However, photos of Planet Labs show thick smoke rising east of Vasilivka.

Much of the area around Vasilivka is a protected nature reserve.


LVIV, Ukraine ⁠— Russian rocket fire aimed at the Black Sea port city of Odessa killed one person and wounded five.


The southern command of the Ukrainian army made the announcement early on Tuesday after a whole day of shooting.

One hit a shopping mall and warehouse, the military said.

Ukraine claims the ammunition dates back to the Soviet era, making it unreliable for targeting. There are growing concerns that Russia is running out of guided munitions, making them more likely to launch unguided missiles that could cause greater side damage.


One of the Ukrainian fighters detained at the Mariupol steel plant said on Monday that they were still defending the city.

Valery Paditel, who heads the border guard in the Donetsk region, said the fighters “are doing everything to make those who defend the city proud in the future proud.”

In a video message released by the National Border Service, Paditel said the fighters included border guards, soldiers, national police and members of the National Guard.

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Live updates Ukraine: Russia can focus on chemical sites

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