LIVE: The Biden State of the Union is trying to restart its internal agenda

Biden will aim to revive components of the “Restore Better” legislation, such as a child tax loan, to bring immediate relief to families.

WASHINGTON – Faced with unrest and threats abroad, President Joe Biden will make his first address to the nation at a difficult time to bring the country out of the pandemic, restart its stalled domestic agenda and face Russian aggression.

Tuesday night’s speech was initially seen by the White House as an opportunity to highlight the improved coronavirus outlook and Biden’s domestic policy priorities to cut costs for families struggling with rising inflation. However, this has taken on new significance with Russia’s intervention in Ukraine last week and Vladimir Putin’s use of the nuclear sword.

In his speech, Biden planned to emphasize the courage of the Ukrainian defenders and the determination of the newly strengthened Western alliance to re-arm the Ukrainian army and impose sanctions on Russia to collapse its economy.

Spokeswoman Jen Biden will speak of “the United States’ efforts as a world leader to uphold values, uphold global norms, and reduce the impact it has on the people here.” Psaki said Monday.

Biden will address the House of Representatives, which is a sign of reduced coronavirus risk, with a full and masked crowd. However, he will also speak from inside the newly fenced Capitol due to renewed security concerns after last year’s uprising.

Rising energy prices as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine are threatening the sharp rise in inflation in the United States, which is at its highest level in 40 years, devouring American profits and the country’s recovery from an economic pandemic. While the geopolitical crisis in Eastern Europe has helped ease guerrilla tensions in Washington, Biden’s ability to live up to his promise to promote national unity has not eroded political and cultural divisions.

Biden will take the speaker’s podium because Americans are disappointed with his presidency. An AP-NORC poll in February found that more than 55% to 44% disapproved of Biden’s performance as president. This is below the 60% positive rating obtained in July last year.

White House officials have acknowledged that the country’s mood is “sour,” citing ongoing pandemics and inflation as sources of blame. In his speech, Biden will highlight the progress of a year ago – most of the country is now vaccinated and millions more are employed – while acknowledging that the work is not yet complete and that America’s dissatisfaction is acknowledged.

Biden’s aides say they believe the national psyche is “lagging behind” and will improve over time. But in the run-up to November’s midterm elections, time is running out for the president, who must save his party’s first-term agenda to revive his party’s political wealth.

The president was ready to highlight investment in everything from the $ 1.2 trillion bilateral infrastructure bill in November to broadband access as an example of government consensus and change for the American people.

He also planned to appeal to lawmakers to compromise on competitive bills in the House and Senate aimed at revitalizing high-tech American manufacturing and supply chains in the face of geopolitical threats from China.

The speech comes at a time when Biden’s progress on other legislative priorities has stalled on Capitol Hill, after Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin overturned Biden’s large-scale “Restore Better” spending bill last fall.

As part of his address to voters, Biden will aim to revive components of the legislation, but with a new emphasis on how proposals such as extending child tax credits and reducing childcare costs can bring comfort to families as prices rise. He was also ready to explain how his climate change proposals would reduce costs for low- and middle-income families and create new jobs.

“Tomorrow the president will definitely use the word inflation and in his speech he will talk about inflation,” Psaki said. However, he stressed that Biden focused on “how people live it” rather than looking at it as statistics.

As part of this push, Biden is expected to call on Americans to reduce health care costs, propose a plan to allow Medicare to discuss prescription drug prices, and expand more generous health insurance subsidies that are temporarily available through the Affordable Care Act. Markets covered by 14.5 million people.

Although the prospects for passing Congress are bleak, Biden, despite his Democratic majority, was determined to address the issues of blocked voting rights, arms control and police reform.

Biden was expected to demonstrate what he has done so far – for example, moving to destroy “ghost weapons” that are used to track home-made firearms without serial numbers, and are often taken without background checks.

Legislation on voting rights came to a halt after Mancin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema rejected a chance to use a solution that would allow Senate Democrats to pass bills with a 50-50 weak majority instead of the required 60 votes.

Voting legislation written by Democrats in Congress will bring the biggest renewal of U.S. elections in a generation by removing barriers to voting for safety. Republicans say the changes are aimed at giving Democrats an advantage in the election, not justice.

Biden will also force Senate Ketanji Brown to confirm that Jackson is the first black woman in the Supreme Court. He nominated his candidacy last week.

Prior to the speech, the Congressional Physician’s Office said the House had lifted the requirement to cover its face after the federal government eased its instructions to wear a mask. Wearing a mask will now be open to all members of Congress, but will be a personal choice in the House of Representatives, which are still not guests.

All participants must take the COVID-19 test before Biden applies.

Biden aims to use his words to highlight the progress made against COVID-19 over the past year and to lead the country to a “new phase” of the response to a virus more like pre-pandemic life.

Seats for Biden’s first speech to a joint session of Congress last April were limited to about 200 – about 20 percent of the usual capacity for the president’s presentation. White House aides were concerned that this year’s recurrence would be a harmonious image of the president’s message to the American people.

“I think you’ll see that it’s more like the normal state of the Union,” said White House Chief of Staff Ron Clain. “It will seem like the most normal thing people have seen in Washington in a long time.”

While removing the masks, law enforcement officers built a fence around the Capitol building. There were no specific or credible threats before Biden’s speech, but there were concerns about truck convoys heading to Washington to protest the pandemic’s restrictions.

Associated Press writer Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar contributed to the report.

LIVE: The Biden State of the Union is trying to restart its internal agenda

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