Lions coach Matt Patricia has returned to a hot seat due to a recent defeat

Charlotte, North Carolina (AP) — Matthew Stafford tried to make a bright noise after the latest Detroit Lions blunder, a 20-0 road loss to the Carolina Panthers.

“It’s a game,” Stafford said. “It does not define us as an attack or as a team.”

Or maybe it does.

The Lions, who won a promising 30-27 victory over the Washington Redskins, lost a match that had to stay in the playoffs. And finally, Matt Patricia will soon turn things around.

Lions (4-6) manage only 185 yards and are 14-3 in third down, raising a total of 131 points while the last four opponents get 27 out of 36 possessions. I couldn’t score against the Carolina defense I allowed. The Panthers, who forced only two punts during the four games, forced the Lions to punt six times.

“We have to go out, we have to coach better and get things right, and we have to play better,” Patricia said. Told.

Patricia, 13-28-1 in the 21/2 season as Lions head coach, was plagued by questions about his future after the defeat, but refused to take a holistic view of the situation.

“We go to work every day and do our best to improve. That’s the bottom line. That’s our job,” Patricia said.

He said his confidence as a coach was unwavering.

Asked if the Lions were still responding to the coach, Stafford replied, “Of course.”

“There are really nice people here,” Patricia said when asked if she felt like she had lost her locker room. “We have people who fight every day and work really hard. That’s one thing-I love this locker room. These people are strong. They want to win. They want to win. Are trying to compete. They are trying to do everything right. ”

Indeed, due to the injury, the attack was carried out without repelling D’Andre Swift and wide receivers Kenny Golladay and Danny Amendola. However, the Lions did not start quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and also faced a Carolina team repelling Christian McCaffrey, aggressive linemen Russell Okung and John Miller, and cornerback Don Te Jackson. ..

And the Panthers outperformed the Lions 374 to 185.

Given that the Lions will have a Thanksgiving match against the Houston Texans on Thursday, the status quo is expected to remain this week. But losses certainly do not help Patricia’s long-term outlook.

Lions sometimes seemed indifferent and made ridiculous mistakes such as illegal placement that invalidated the 51-yard touchdown pass from Stafford to Marvin Jones. The attack line was unable to defend Stafford, and the defense fought against PJ Walker’s former XFL quarterback, who had made his first NFL start.

Patricia said about his future, “I had a philosophy for a long time. I go to work every day to get a job, that’s what I do. Whether it’s coaching or engineering. It doesn’t matter – I don’t care if I’m in school. You see, I’m just going to work and working hard. ”

Still, things aren’t good in Detroit. Suddenly going 34-28 under former coach Jim Caldwell and playing twice in four seasons isn’t too bad.

The last time Lions failed to score in the game was on October 18, 2009, when Stafford was an injured rookie.

“I arrived here in 2009 and from where we were to where we are now, we are a better organization and more talented,” said Stafford. “At this point, the number of wins this year is not as high as I expected.”

Lions coach Matt Patricia has returned to a hot seat due to a recent defeat

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