Liam Gallagher advises his son to be aware of troublemakers in the music industry

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When a fan begs him not to repeat what happened between him and his brother Noel by his sons Lennon and Jean, a former member of Oasis emphasizes that he is away from it.

Liam Gallagher Warned his son Lennon Gallagher And his Auto motion A bandmate who “attention” to trouble makers in the music industry.

48-year-old rocker and his ex-wife Patsy Kensit21-year-old son will release music in an acoustic band after being inspired by his father’s exploit. oasis..

And while the “Stand by Me” hit maker provided some wise words to his offspring, he allowed Lennon and his 19-year-old brother Jean (mother is Liam’s second wife). Admitted that Nicole Appleton -Do things your way.

In addition, Liam argued that if he and his estranged brothers fell apart like a former Oasis bandmate, he wouldn’t be involved. Noel Gallagher did.

When asked by a Twitter follower for advice on Lennon, he replied, “Watch out for the big c *** and have fun with surrealism.”

And when another user said, “Keep Lennon away from Jean. I don’t want to tell the same story,” the hit maker of “Glass Wall” said, “I’m away from it and both are unique. It’s fair enough (sic) ”


Liam Gallagher answered an inquiry about advice to his son Lennon.

The oasis split in 2009 after a behind-the-scenes bust-up between its enemies’ brothers at its final show in Paris, with Liam and Noel on the heads of loggerhead turtles each other.

Liam is said to be very supportive of Lennon’s entry into the music industry. A so-called friend told The Sun, “Liam is very proud and has listened to his song. He always gives advice.” Regarding Lennon’s skills themselves, sources added, “Lennon has the presence of that rock god stage and learned the art of performance from his dad.”

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