Let John Mayer design the hottest watch collaboration of the year

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clock: The G-SHOCK Ref 6900 was designed in collaboration with the watch site Hodinkee, the watch god, the watch Halspecs, the watch trendsetter, the watch locker itself, and John Mayer.

The only best thing about this watch: This G-SHOCK was created in collaboration with John Mayer, the most influential watch buyer in the 21st century. Collectors and dealers are already lined up to buy JM co-signed watches, and now he goes out and designs his own work. Sold out guarantee? definitely. Is it almost certain that the value will increase in the next few days, weeks or months? definitely. The perfect holiday gift for watch geeks in your life? you are right.

Inside story: Meyer’s design is rooted in the desire to integrate two different products from Casio, which owns the G-SHOCK and produced the Casiotone SK-5 keyboard played by musicians as a child. The Mayer-designer 6900 borrows the great 80’s neon teal and orange from the SK-5’s “Rhythm Pad”, and the gray case matches the body of the keyboard. “When Casio approached me about the possibility of working together at G-SHOCK, it actually timed out really well,” Mayer said through a press release. “I was already quite deeply involved in wearing the” Mad Master “model. I felt that G-SHOCK was cosmicly correct about being the first watch collaboration ever done. The Casio keyboard came to my mind like a watch. Then I remembered how important the Casiotone SK-5 was in my life, and it became really fast and exciting. It’s the perfect bridge between my dual life as a musician and watch lovers. ”

A coukey cast of Casio watches such as the G-Shock Mudmasters worn by Mayer over the years and white models inspired by Twingraph and NASA. This G-SHOCK pleases the crowd. Think of it as a “your body is a wonderland” grade hit and a deeper cut like the jazzy “83”. Room for the square.

This work is important in the world of watches. The reason is as follows. Meyer made his own watch. Many celebrities these days have their own shoes, T-shirt lines, and even McDonald’s collaborations. Even Meyer mocked up and sold his own Nike shoes in the past. The world of watches is not saturated with such an interesting combination. The last celebrity brand big hookup is from late 2019 involving Farrell, Richard Mille, and a $ 969,000 space-inspired watch. Mayer’s G-Shock settles at a very affordable price of just $ 180. Musicians may have approached the desired brand of partnership and created an unattainable 6-digit watch. It’s great that many of his fans can choose this watch.

I don’t want to sound like just a fanboy, so what should I know about this watch other than John Mayer? From all the G-SHOCKs in the brand’s extensive catalog, Mayer probably chose the brand’s most iconic model. The 6900 was first launched in 1995 and has a great responsibility to make the G-SHOCK current. This clock also acts as an alarm and can count down after 24 hours. This is useful when steaming roasts, which are painfully cooked slowly.

When and where to buy: This watch will be dropped on the Hodinkee and G-Shock web stores on Tuesday, December 8th at 11:00 EST. God speed.

Let John Mayer design the hottest watch collaboration of the year

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