LeBron James to Kevin Durant: Will the trade work?

Kevin Durant not yet found new house two weeks after official request trade from Brooklynbut the proposal involving the exchange of Nets stars for LeBron James have everyone in NBA talks.

A recent Bleacher Report outlined the idea: What if James and Durant were shared with each other? Such a trade could benefit all parties involved, according to the report, saying, in part: “There’s no way the Lakers made it out of the West, something James had to accept. The trade to Brooklyn gave him a real chance at a fifth championship.”

The deal will also give James the chance to reunite with Kyrie Irving, something he reportedly wants. And it would give Durant the fresh start he was looking for by joining forces with Anthony Davis.

On Thursday’s “Undisputed,” Skip Bayless explained why the blockbuster exchange between Durant and James would actually work, referring to the potential trade as the ideal move “hiding in plain sight.”

“This is a great idea. … So clear that it becomes too obvious because it would work well for both parties,” he said. “Nothing to lose for LeBron’s legacy…spending his last few years in the Big Apple. …If the goal is to win, why would you want to be stuck with Russell Westbrook in LA instead of reuniting with Kyrie?

“If you have to move [Durant]move him to the Lakers.”

However, Bayless’s cohost, Shannon Sharpe, didn’t buy it. He shared his skepticism about such a big deal, saying it didn’t make sense to the Nets or LeBron.

“LeBron James is out of contract after this season. … Why would you trade Kevin Durant when you have him under contract for four more years?” he says. “…LeBron, why would he want to go to the Nets? Yes, Kyrie [is] there, and they had a great basketball relationship, but she was about to leave a guy at Russell Westbrook, who couldn’t shoot, for another guy at Ben Simmons, who was afraid to shoot. Does that make sense to LeBron? How? LeBron has three chances as a free agent to join one of the New York teams. …Now somehow you think in Year 20 he would love to play in New York?

“I don’t think any of them will be happy with the exchange. I don’t think Kevin Durant wants a part of playing in LA with the supervision that comes with being a superstar playing for the Lakers, and LeBron doesn’t want a part of it. be in Brooklyn or any part of New York.”

Should the Lakers trade LeBron James for Kevin Durant?

Should the Lakers trade LeBron James for Kevin Durant?

Swapping LeBron James for Kevin Durant would be a move that would send shockwaves around the NBA. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debated whether such a move made sense.

James is averaging 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists in 2021-22 but missed 26 games. After leading LA to the title in 2020, James and the Lakers finished 11th in the Western Conference last season (33-49) and missed the playoffs.

Durant, 33, has spent three seasons in Brooklyn but has only played the last two, missing the entire 2019-20 campaign while recovering from an Achilles injury. Nets lost to the final champion Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference semifinals in seven games two seasons ago. Last season they were swept by Boston Celtics in the first round.

Durant previously won two championships with Golden Nation Soldier in 2016-17 and 2017-18, earned the Final MVP award twice.

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LeBron James to Kevin Durant: Will the trade work?

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