Lawyers say Meadows will not work with the January 6 panel

In a sudden reversal, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ lawyer collaborated with a House committee investigating the January 6 parliamentary riots because of the collapse of negotiations with the panel. He said he wouldn’t.

Attorney George Turwilliger deposited in a letter on Tuesday as the January 6 panel “has no intention of respecting boundaries” regarding a question that former President Donald Trump claimed to be off limits due to executive privilege. Said “not acceptable”. Terwilliger also said the commission issued a subpoena to a third-party telecommunications provider over the weekend and learned that it contained “very personal” information.

In a statement last week, Mr. Turwilliger said in a statement last week that Meadows could not abandon Trump’s executive privilege or “cannot lose the long-standing position that the White House’s senior aide cannot.” He said he was still working on potential accommodation. “I’m forced to testify” before Congress.

“We appreciate the openness of the selection committee to receiving voluntary answers on non-privileged topics,” he said then.

A spokesperson for the panel did not immediately comment on Tarwilliger’s letter. Mississippi state legislator Bennie Thompson, chairman of the committee, said last week that Meadows had agreed to work with the panel through a lawyer, set records and appear on the first deposit.

Mr. Thompson said the committee “continues to evaluate compliance with the subpoena even after the testimony is taken.” He said non-compliant witnesses would be charged with contempt of Congress.

In suspending cooperation, Tarwilliger also quoted a comment from Thompson, stating that he had unfairly attacked witnesses exercising the Fifth Amendment for self-incrimination. Another witness, former Justice Ministry official Jeffrey Clark, said he would exercise the rights of these Amended Article 5.

“After careful and careful consideration of these factors, we must now voluntarily decline the opportunity to appear in the testimony,” Tarwilliger wrote in a letter.

A reversal will occur as Meadows gets a lot of attention in a new book released on Tuesday. This revealed that Trump had a positive COVID-19 test before the presidential debate and was far more ill than the White House at the time revealed.

Hundreds of supporters broke into the Capitol and told supporters to “fight like hell” before stopping the number of presidential elections, Trump argued that Congress couldn’t, including an ongoing proceeding. Get information about his private White House proceedings that tried to disrupt much of the Commission’s work by doing.

Lawyers say Meadows will not work with the January 6 panel

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