Lawyers say McAfee’s death surprised a family of U.S. mogul | Voice of America

Madrid-Spanish officials say the judge ordered the autopsy of the bodies of John McAfee, a gun-loving antivirus pioneer, a cryptocurrency promoter, and occasionally a politician. ..

A Catalan court spokesman said Thursday that the forensic team would need to perform a toxicological test on McAfee’s body to determine the cause of death, which could take “days or weeks”. ..

Officials say everything on the scene shows that a 75-year-old tycoon committed suicide.

A judicial inquiry is being processed by a court in Martrel, a town in northwestern Barcelona that has jurisdiction over the prison where McAfee died. A spokeswoman was not allowed to be identified by name in media reports.

Javier Vilalba, a Spanish lawyer at McAfee, said the death of the entrepreneur was a surprise to his wife and other relatives, adding that he was aiming to be “underlying” the death of his client.
“It was like pouring cold water on the family and his defense team,” Billalba told The Associated Press Thursday. “No one expected it, he didn’t say goodbye.”

Mr. Bilalva said there was no evidence of cheating, but “the cruelty of the system” after the judge refused to release him and then released the 75-year-old boy on bail instead of an economic crime. Deposit that accused death in.

“We were able to invalidate seven of the ten counts he was accused of, and was he still that dangerous person who could escape Spain if released?” Lawyer Said. “He was world famous, where could he hide?”

A Spanish national court ruled on Monday that McAfee should be handed over to the United States for avoiding more than $ 4 million in the 2016-2018 fiscal year. The judge withdrew 7 out of 10 cases in the first indictment.

According to Villaruba, McAfee learned of the decision shortly after Monday and his death on Wednesday was not in the midst of so far. He also said the legal team was preparing an appeal with him to avoid surrender.

Prison sources told AP that McAfee shared a cell in Brian 2 Prison, which had been in preventive detention since being arrested on a U.S. warrant last October, but he was alone at the moment of his death. He said.

Tennessee prosecutors earned income from cryptocurrency advertising, income from speaking engagement, and selling his life story rights for documentaries while McAfee was consulting. I accused him of not reporting. The criminal accusation sentenced him to up to 30 years in prison.

A British-born entrepreneur lived a quirky life after selling a stake in an antivirus software company named after him in the early 1990s. He made two long shot runs for the President of the United States.

McAfee often professed his love for drugs and guns in public statements. And some of his actions landed him on legal issues across Tennessee, from Central America to the Caribbean. In 2012, he was cross-examined in connection with the murder of his neighbor in Belize, but was not charged with a crime.

Lawyers say McAfee’s death surprised a family of U.S. mogul | Voice of America

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