Last push, and wait long in New York City primaries

New York – Thirteen Democrats and two Republicans engaged in a final effort to gather supporters on Tuesday, with voters casting ballots in the New York City primary.

Some of Bill de Blasio’s successor candidates could make history if elected. The city can have the first female mayor, the first Asian-American mayor, or the second black mayor, depending on who is at the top.

However, it could be July before the winner appears in the Democratic contest, as it is at least a week away from the debut of the preferential voting system and the pile of absentee ballots still being counted.

Former police officer Eric Adams, who co-founded a leadership group for black police officers, led several recent polls. However, he is closely chased by former city hygiene commissioner Kathryn Garcia and former De Blasio administration lawyer Maya Wiley, as well as former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.


After the vote ends at 9 pm, the New York City Election Commission will publish some of the results of direct voting, but only data on candidates whose first candidate was ranked as their first choice. The first image can be misleading as it is not included.

The 2019 referendum allows voters to rank up to five candidates on ballots with a ranked selection system approved for use in the primary and special elections of the city of New York.

Votes are then aggregated in computerized rounds, the last person is eliminated in each round, and the ballots thrown at that person are the candidates who survived based on the voter’s ranking. Will be redistributed in. This process continues until there are only two candidates left. The one with the most votes wins.

The Election Commission will not use the new system to aggregate these votes until June 29th. Until July 6, the analysis does not include absentee ballots, and earlier counts may be unreliable.


As of Monday, more than 87,000 absentee votes have been sent to the city, and more ballots will be mailed in the coming days.

In addition to Adams, Garcia, Wiley, and Yang, other candidates for the Democratic contest include city accounting auditor Scott Stringer, former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan, former Citigroup executive Ray McGuire, and nonprofit. Includes executive Diane Morales.

Democratic Party De Blasio will resign at the end of the year due to term restrictions.

In the Republican primary, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa confronted businessman Fernando Mateo. Voting for ranked options is not a factor, as there are only two candidates in the race.

Concerns over increased shootings during the pandemic have dominated the mayor’s campaign in recent months, even though candidates are working from the left to demand further police reforms.


As a former officer, but as someone who spent his career fighting racism within the department, Adams may have benefited most from the police debate.

He accused the slogan of “refunding police” and suggested resurrecting the disbanded plainclothes forces and focusing on driving illegal guns off the streets.

Wily and Stringer said they were vying for a progressive vote and would redistribute a portion of the police station’s budget to programs in other cities.

If either Garcia or Wily is elected among the top candidates, she will be the first female mayor of the city. Adams or Wily will be the second black mayor. Yang will be the city’s first Asian-American mayor.

Jan and Garcia formed an alliance on the last day of the campaign with a clear effort to use a ranked voting system to block Adams.

“If you support me, don’t forget to support Kathryn Garcia on your ballot,” Yang said in one of several joint campaign events last weekend. “She is a good civil servant.”


Adams accused his two rivals of “he said he couldn’t trust the colored race to be the mayor of New York City.”

Both Sliwa and Mateo are cities with 7 to 1 more registered Democrats than Republicans, and there is little chance of winning the November general election.

The two former allies, insulting personally, tried to scream at each other in a single debate about Zoom.

Radio host, Suriwa, still wearing a red Guardian Angels beret when in public, called him “my best friend” in a robocall to Republican voters from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. I got support.

Restaurant owner Mateo, who has led an organization advocating for car service drivers and Bodega owners, was approved by former President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

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Last push, and wait long in New York City primaries

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