Lakers Guard Alex Caruso Makes Bald Look Sensational

Did you have a lot of interest or experience in Manscape before partnering with them?

It’s a little, but nothing crazy. I seem to have a little facial hair, but I have nothing to show off to people when I get home. But it requires maintenance. It’s like normal hair, chest hair, that people don’t realize they have.

Well, and now you’re a public figure, you’re out Shirtless post-match interview In front of millions of people.

It was improvisation. I’m not going to lie, I already drank some Michelob behind, and I was in party mode.

Of course it is. Tell us a little bit about headbands. You said it gave you a superpower in court. When did you start wearing it? How will the gameplay change?

My ex-teammate JaVale McGee yelled at JaVale, hooked me up at the barber and gave me a nice little cut. Then he said I had to rock the headband. I think it really rocked it, I actually played well, and I was like holding it for the game. Then I had a dunk or drama or something, and they started celebrating a little headband. And the fans loved it, so it got stuck a bit.

It’s a modest story, but I missed it because I didn’t have any fans this year.

I’m sure it will be the entire stadium of the gestureer. In every sport, not just basketball, it’s a bit unusual for defense to get the hype you got. Did it surprise you at all?

Yes and no. People love to talk about the Lakers, and people love to look at us and everything we do. But for me, I just try to win the game. If we hadn’t lost in the finals last year, I think people wouldn’t have been so interested in interviewing me about how well the headband worked.

Well, you probably saw, or I don’t know if you guys pay attention to this, Space jam Finally the trailer has come out.

Oh yeah, we saw it. I did see it.

How was the team’s reaction?

Of course, we saw Lebron at the facility — we were gassing him! It’s a kind of culture we have in our team. People have joked with me about how they like Manscaped commercials. When it first came out, they called me “Hollywood” — told me I had changed.

Lakers Guard Alex Caruso Makes Bald Look Sensational

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