La Joya man startled by migrants hiding under the house

EL PASO, Texas – “These people came and I heard something,” La Joya resident Ruberto Cantu said.

“These people,” Cantú alludes, are what the Border Patrol would consider encounters; migrants, people crossing the Rio Grande into the United States without permission.

One week ago, Cantú was surprised by the noise that was occurring outside his house, near the Wildlife Management Area of ​​La Palomas. The region is an illegal access point from Mexico.

“I went out. I heard my dog ​​barking,” Cantú said. “I went out the other way. I stepped back so I could see under the house.”

At 1 a.m., he saw shadows of men he suspected were recent arrivals of immigrants hiding under the crawl space of his home.

Customs and Border Protection in the United States reports that there were 234,088 migrant encounters at the border in April, an increase of 45% over the previous month. Those numbers show a maximum of dating in 22 years.

Cantu’s recent discovery below his home has helped boost CBP statistics.

The local resident remembers how he dealt with what he described as tension.

“So I have my gun in my holster and call them. And call them.”

The owner says he expected two or three people to crawl underneath. Then he began to count.

“I asked him how many there were? They said ‘three’, and then I saw four, and I saw five. It turns out there were 23 individuals down there.”

From what I could tell in the dark of night, the uninvited visitors were men.

CBP reports that 71% of all encounters on the southwestern land border were single adults in April or with 166,814 encounters, a decrease of 2% compared to March.

Cantú said he called La Joya police. At the same time, the migrants came to the surface below the tracking space and began to flee.

“When they started running, the La Joya Police arrived, and they caught a couple of them,” he said.

Cantue was able to count 26 migrants in total.

He said the encounter has his family nervous and worried as illegal entries continue to rise in his small town in the Rio Grande Valley.

“We can’t trust people like that when they break into your property and try to hide,” Cantú said.

La Joya man startled by migrants hiding under the house

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